‘The Flash’: Meet Season 3’s New Bad Guys

Grant Gustin in The Flash | The CW

Grant Gustin in The Flash | The CW

The Flash kicked off its third season with a bang. In the first few episodes alone, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has already battled against formidable foes like The Rival and Magenta and is waging an ongoing war against the evil Doctor Alchemy. But that’s just the beginning. The hero still has a bunch of new bad guys to face off against in the upcoming episodes. Here are some of the other DC villains you can expect to see on The Flash Season 3.

1. Mirror Master

Sam Scudder aka Mirror Master (played by Grey Damon) is set to stir up plenty of trouble in Central City this season. One of the Flash’s most infamous rogues, Mirror Master is a smooth criminal with a huge ego and — as his name suggests — the power to manipulate mirrors and other reflective surfaces to do everything from altering his appearance to creating custom weapons to controlling minds. He can also use the reflective surfaces as a means of travel to avoid being captured by the Scarlet Speedster.

The character will show up in the October 25 episode of The Flash, appropriately titled “The New Rogues,” which you can see a trailer for above. According to The CW’s official synopsis, upon discovering his powers, Scudder will embark on a massive crime spree to prove himself as the greatest thief that Central City has ever seen. But he won’t act alone. He’ll be recruiting help, which leads us to our next villain.

2. The Top

the flash season-3-the-top-dillon

The Top character | DC Comics

Joining Scudder in his criminal antics is fellow rogue, Rosa Dillon aka The Top (Ashley Rickards). In the comics, the character (originally a male named Roscoe Dillon) has the ability to spin at incredible speeds — a practice that alters his brain chemistry and eventually leads him to gain additional telekinetic and telepathic powers. He also likes to use enhanced spinning tops as weaponry.

The Flash‘s gender-swapped version of the villain will also make her debut in “The New Rogues” episode. She will partner with Mirror Master to wreak havoc across Central City.

3. Savitar

savitar the flash season 3

Savitar | DC Comics

As previously announced, Savitar will be one of two main big bads on this season of The Flash. The other is Doctor Alchemy, who we’ve already been introduced to in the first few episodes. Since Barry is still busy fighting the latter, it’s likely that Savitar won’t appear until later this season.

So who exactly is this new villain? A former fighter jet pilot, Savitar — named after the Hindu god of motion — earned speedster powers after his plane gets struck by lightning. But he’s different than all of the other speedster villains that have appeared on The Flash so far. Described as a “vicious and cruel man,” Savitar became obsessed with his speed, dedicating his life to unlocking its secrets. Thanks to his studies, he discovers new powers that no other living speedster has mastered. Considering that, it’s safe to say that Barry Allen will have his work cut out for him when Savitar shows up later in Season 3.

Bonus: Captain Cold

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold | The CW

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold | The CW

OK, so technically Wentworth Miller’s Leonard Snart isn’t a new villain, having previously appeared as a guest star on The Flash and also as a series regular on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. But as fans of both shows will remember, the character sacrificed his life for the good of the team at the end of Legends‘ freshman season. So how is it possible that he’s set to re-emerge on The Flash in “The New Rogues” episode? You guessed it — Flashpoint.

Thanks to the new timeline, Snart is not only back in action as Captain Cold, he’s also set to resume his longstanding rivalry with Mirror Master. We’ll have to stay tuned to find out who comes out on top.

The Flash Season 3 airs on The CW at 8 p.m. EST on Tuesday nights.

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