‘The Flash’ Season 3: Who Is Savitar?

The Flash - Season 3

The Flash | The CW

After months of hints and teases, The Flash finally introduced its new big bad, Savitar, earlier this season. The DC Comics supervillain made his debut in the November 15 episode “Shade” and has been wreaking havoc on Central City (and other earths in the Multiverse) ever since. So what do we know about the evil character?

First introduced in 1995 by Mark Waid and Oscar Jimenez, Savitar has only made about a dozen or so appearances in The Flash canon. Even so, he’s managed to stir up plenty of trouble in the series. Here’s a closer look at what we know about The Flash‘s Season 3 villain.

The origin of his powers

Savitar on The Flash Season 3 | The CW

Savitar on The Flash Season 3 | The CW

Savitar, whose real name is never actually revealed in the comics, is a former military pilot who served for a third world nation during the Cold War. His speedster powers start to formulate after he’s struck by lighting while testing an experimental supersonic jet.

Newly imbued with the ability of super speed, Savitar begins to think of himself as a god and his powers as a divine gift. Case in point? He decides to name himself after the Hindu god of motion, Savitr.

His powers beyond speed

savitar the flash s3

Savitar | DC Comics

Savitar is different than all of the other speedster villains that have appeared on The Flash so far, despite their shared abilities. Described as a “vicious and cruel man,” he becomes obsessed with his speed, dedicating his life to unlocking its secrets. He studies ancient texts to learn more and even extorts knowledge from other speedsters.

Thanks to his studies, Savitar discovers new powers that no other living speedster has mastered. He can lend speed to other objects and people (more on that later) and is also able to heal himself instantly. He can also create force fields that protect him from any outside objects.

His loyal band of followers

Savitar | DC Comics

Savitar | DC Comics

The ability to transfer speed comes in very handy for Savitar. Unsurprisingly, the power makes him very popular among certain groups and he soon develops a band of cult followers. Together, they set out to become the only ones with access to the Speed Force, killing anyone who gets in their way.

On the show, we’ve already gotten a glimpse of a similar cult that’s seemingly acting under the orders of fellow Season 3 villain, Doctor Alchemy. But considering Savitar’s recent introduction to the series, could those followers actually turn out to be his disciples instead? We’ll have to stay tuned.

His last standoff

Wally West and Barry Flash on The Flash Season 3 | The CW

Wally West and Barry Allen on The Flash Season 3 | The CW

In the comics, Savitar is thrown into the time stream during a battle with Johnny Quick and Max Mercury. He disappears for decades, only to resurface in the future, determined as ever to kill all other speedsters. The other living speedsters, led by Wally West, eventually team up to take him down. Savitar is finally defeated when he’s absorbed by the Speed Force — the very thing that he’s spent his life chasing.

It remains to be seen how closely The Flash will stick to the original source material for the villain’s storyline. One thing’s for sure: Savitar is the most dangerous speedster to show up on the show yet, so it’s safe to say that Barry Allen will have his work cut out for him.

The Flash Season 3 airs on The CW at 8 p.m. EST on Tuesday nights.

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