‘The Flash’ Season 7: Will Sue Go Down for Joseph Carver’s Murder?

Socialite-turned-jewel thief Sue Dearbon brought kinetic energy to The Flash Season 6. As a character who does some questionable things for pretty decent reasons, she became someone to root for. So, when the season 6 finale left her in legal hot water, fans were beside themselves. With that in mind, here’s what we know so far about where Sue’s story will go in The Flash Season 7. [Spoiler warning: This article contains details about The Flash Seasons 6 and 7.]

'The Flash' Season 6 - Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue
‘The Flash’ Season 6 – Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue | The CW, ‘The Flash’ via Twitter

Sue is a fan-favorite character, with or without Ralph

With her witty quips and her spunky attitude, Sue quickly became a fan favorite on The Flash. The recurring character was brought on, presumably, as one half of an eventual DC Comics-inspired super-couple.

Sue marries Ralph Dibney, aka Elongated Man, on the pages of the comic books. So, comic enthusiasts were giddy when she finally made her appearance on The Flash. In an off-camera twist, her scene partner Hartley Sawyer, who portrayed Ralph, exited the series ahead of season 7. Therefore, the chances of an on-screen wedding are slim.

But there is much more to Sue’s narrative than her romance with the metahuman private investigator. According to what showrunner Eric Wallace told Entertainment Weekly, The Flash will unpack a lot more about Sue in season 7.

Wallace told the outlet, “Now we can expand her character and give her more backstory and more growth in ways that we hadn’t initially planned.”

Previously on ‘The Flash,’ The Mirror Master framed Sue for Joseph Carver’s Murder

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From abducting members of Team Flash to infiltrating STAR Labs with her spies, Eva McCulloch, aka the Mirror Master, caused chaos during season 6. In a heinous act, she murdered her estranged husband, Joseph Carver, in cold blood and pinned the crime on Sue.

The season 6 cliffhanger left fans wondering how Sue would manage to find a way out of that predicament. Would she run and hide? Or stay in Central City to try and clear her name?

Coming up on ‘The Flash’ Season 7, Sue will clear her name

Wallace confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Sue will indeed clear her name. Even better, she will appear throughout The Flash Season 7 to mix it up with Barry and the crew.

” [It’s] really exciting to see how she’s going to interact more with Team Flash once her name has been cleared — because we are going to clear her name obviously,” promised Wallace.

The show boss went on to tease another exciting plot development involving Sue after she is exonerated. “What’s the reason for her to come back to Central City? And that’s going to be a bit of her story this season.”

Alluding to Sawyer’s exit, Wallace explained, “You try to take lemons and make lemonade, and suddenly, now Sue’s possibilities are wide open. And we have a particular storyline that she’s going to help us out with, [specifically] with one of our villains this season that we would have never gotten to had not the circumstances changed. So, it is going to be, I think, fun and unexpected for the audience, as much as it was for us to write.”

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