The Food Both Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla Parker Bowles Won’t Eat (but Prince Philip Loves)

When it comes to being a member of the royal family, there are plenty of rules to live by. From how to dress, how to interact with the public, and all of the protocol for being in the public eye, being a royal isn’t all fun and games — and it could also mean giving up favorite foods. It may seem odd to imagine certain foods are totally off limits for the royals, but according to both Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla Parker Bowles, they stick to certain food rules for a reason.

Here’s the one food the queen and Camilla refuse to eat (though Prince Philip has a differing opinion), as well as other cuisine that the royals won’t touch.

Camilla says the royals will not touch garlic

The Duchess of Cornwall, formerly Camilla Parker Bowles, arrives at St Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle after her civil wedding to Prince Charles 09 April. Prince Charles and his longtime sweetheart Camilla Parker Bowles married today after two months of muddled preparations and a lifetime of waiting.

The Duchess of Cornwall, formerly Camilla Parker Bowles | Martyn Hayhow/AFP/Getty Images

While garlic is a staple for many different types of cuisine and can really enhance the flavor of any savory dish, Camilla said while on MasterChef Australia that the royals absolutely cannot eat garlic when in public, Marie Claire reports. “Garlic is a no-no,” she mentioned.

As for why, the answer is pretty straightforward. When engaging with others while enjoying a meal, they’d hate to smell like the pungent food and put off any of their official visitors. Being the perfect hosts is important to the royals — so the less aggressively aromatic the dinner menu, the better.

As for the queen, she also has no complaints regarding the no-garlic rule. According to Buckingham Palace kitchen worker Darren McGrady, the queen “was very Victorian and believed when she was brought up that you don’t eat garlic — because if you were holding an audience the next day, you didn’t want to be breathing garlic. It was seen as antisocial,” Glamour notes.

Prince Philip reportedly has totally different opinions regarding garlic, however. Chef McGrady tells Daily Mail Online that the royal couldn’t get enough of the flavor. “‘If we were at Balmoral and she was out, we’d slather his steak in garlic,” the chef added.

The royals don’t eat potatoes, rice, or pasta, either

Garlic isn’t the only food the royals shouldn’t be having. Bustle notes the royal family rarely indulges on starchy foods, like pasta, rice, or potatoes. The queen has the final say regarding what’s on the menu, and she prefers a lack of starch. She will make exceptions for special occasions, however, so every once in awhile the royals will get to indulge.

As for Meghan, she’s reportedly noted in the past how she never misses an opportunity while traveling to try out great pasta (though she also maintains a relatively gluten-free diet while at home). We’re sure all of her official tours with the royal family give her plenty of opportunity to break Buckingham Palace dinner rules.

The queen is reportedly ‘not a foodie’

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Chef Darren McGrady dishes out plenty of info regarding the queen’s food requests to Daily Mail Online. According to him, the queen always enjoyed “throwing dinners to actually eating them” and she preferred bland foods over anything spicy. “She eats to live; it’s Prince Philip that lives to eat,” McGrady added. “He loves food, he’s interested in food, he wants to know where it comes from. The Queen, not so much.”

As for what the queen would request for dinner, she reportedly loved “venison medallions with a whisky mushroom cream sauce, rice, and salad” — the perfect mix of carbs, protein, and veggies with absolutely no spice whatsoever. And though flavorful food may not be a priority, McGrady did dish that chocolate was her weakness when it came to desserts. She couldn’t resist the “chocolate perfection pie,” which includes meringue, cinnamon and chocolate cream.

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