The Funny Way Alex Rodriguez Practiced His Proposal to Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez is one of the biggest baseball players of all time, with numerous awards and accolades to his name. He’s also genetically gifted, charming, and blessed with a cool persona that is the envy of thousands of fans. In spite of how calm and cool Rodriguez seems, there’s one woman who definitely still makes his heart pound – his new fiance, Jennifer Lopez. On a recent visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel, Rodriguez opened up about the funny, sweet way that he popped the question to Lopez.

When did Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez get engaged?

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Almost from the time they started dating in early 2017, Lopez and Rodriguez were dogged with rumors of an engagement. They seemed like a perfect match, from the admirable way they spent time with family to the sweet way that they supported each other at various events. Still, Rodriguez was cagey about confirming any marriage plans, and when asked, both Lopez and Rodriguez would often say that they were happy with how things were.

Lopez has previously been married three times and Rodriguez has also been married once before. They each have two children. While the pair always had plenty on their respective plates, it definitely seemed like they had found the ideal partner in each other. Fans guessed that it was only a matter of time before they made things official. On March 9th, during a stunning Bahamas vacation, Rodriguez popped the question to Lopez in grand style. The happy couple took to Instagram to share a photo of the moment when Rodriguez got down on one knee, and fans were also treated to a glimpse of the flawless emerald-cut engagement ring.

When did Alex Rodriguez start planning the proposal?

During his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Rodriguez revealed that the proposal was hardly a split decision. He said that he had been planning the proposal for around six months, starting in late 2018. Rodriguez even opened up about the painstaking process he went through in order to ensure that the exact moment of the proposal would be picture-perfect.

Alex Rodriguez practiced multiple times

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Practice makes perfect in baseball as well as marriage proposals, and Rodriguez is no slouch at either. He admitted to Kimmel that once he knew he would propose over their extravagant Bahamas vacation, he practiced every day for three days. He intended to get the timing exactly right so that the proposal would have the backdrop of the perfect sunset. After testing out multiple different timeframes, he settled at 6:29 pm. This exact time would allow for a stunning sunset of orange, pink, and red, set against the bright white sand.

Rodriguez also said that he didn’t practice alone — he enlisted his assistant to help him perfect the marriage proposal. Even though Rodriguez wanted the moment to be a total surprise, he revealed that J-Lo was actually tipped off that something special was about to happen just prior to his planned proposal. Rodriguez admitted that he always wears his World Series ring for special moments, and when he slipped it on his finger before their sunset walk on the beach, Lopez suspected that something big was about to happen.

All of the baseball pro’s planning and dedication paid off in a big way: Lopez said yes and the two officially announced their engagement to the world on March 9th. Rodriguez told Kimmel that while they are still celebrating their engagement, and haven’t officially started planning the wedding, they are very excited and happy. Fans can certainly expect to see even more from the couple in the weeks and months to come.