‘The Game’: Pooch Hall Says Another Actor Was the Original Derwin Davis

When The Game arrived on Netflix in August, it immediately grabbed a spot in the streamer’s top 10. The series originally aired from 2006 to 2009 and after a fierce fan campaign, it was resurrected on BET in 2011 and ran for six more seasons.

Fans of Derwin and Melanie’s tuned in to binge-watch the show on Netflix, reigniting nostalgia and old feelings about the pair’s union. Newbies have been getting hip and chiming in to root for their favorite characters too.

As viewers debate whether Derwin or Med School was the toxic one in their relationship, actor Pooch Hall just dropped a truth bomb about his role.

Pooch Hall
Pooch Hall on AOL BUILD Series, 2016 | Donna Ward/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Pooch Hall played Derwin Davis in ‘The Game’ but…

When The Game first launched, the audience was charmed by Derwin and Melanie’s courtship. Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall turned the couple into the show’s main attraction, but Hall’s path to becoming Derwin Davis is an interesting one.

During an interview on Fox Soul’s Cocktails with Queens, Hall explained how he landed the gig. At first, he auditioned for Malik and then tried out for Derwin’s part.

“Then I became Derwin. I didn’t get it at first,” Hall shared. “Do you guys know who Aldis Hodge is? Well, he was the original Derwin, and then I replaced him as Derwin and the rest is history.”

Hall praised Hodge — who’s continuing to bag major roles — and also complimented the rest of his castmates.

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There was backlash about Hall getting the role

Hall also spoke on some backlash about his casting on The Game.

For those who may not remember, the series is a spinoff of Girlfriends, the show where Melanie and Derwin’s characters were first introduced to the world. Aldis Hodge played Derwin in that show and some fans expected to see him reprise the role in The Game.

Hall shared that in the early stages of him taking over as Derwin, he caught flak. Some believed something untoward happened behind the Hollywood scenes that had to do with colorism rumors.

Hall said when he was offered the audition, he called his buddy Hodge to ask about some of the rumors.

Per Hall, Hodge said he didn’t know but felt the role would go to whomever it was meant for. They were cool and still are.

Hall and Hodge have both done well in their acting careers

In addition to The Game, Hall has fared well in TV and film, snagging roles in Suits, A Dog’s Purpose, The Runner, and Ray Donovan on Showtime. He’s set to appear in a Russo Brothers film called Cherry.

Though Hodge moved on from playing Derwin, he’s done equally well and just earned a part in DC’s Black Adam alongside The Rock. Hodge’s credits include Leverage, Straight Outta Compton, Jack Reacher, Hidden Figures, and The Invisible Man.  

Hall will always be remembered for being Derwin and hinted that there’s a possibility fans will see a reboot or movie for The Game. Until then, viewers can stream Girlfriends and all seasons of The Game on Netflix.