‘The Good Doctor’: Fans Will See a Familiar Face in Season 3

The correlation between The Good Doctor and House are much stronger than you’ve maybe ever known, unless you know both shows had the same producer. David Shore is the link there, and it also includes some actors who became famous on House.

Because of these cross-links, it was inevitable some former actors on House would make guest appearances on TGD sooner or later. Every TV producer seems to do this when they move on from TV show to TV show.

While maybe you’re hoping this guest appearance will be Hugh Laurie, it’s going to be another prominent cast member this round. Not that we couldn’t see more House regulars on TGD eventually since one has already appeared in a guest shot.

Freddie Highmore on the set of The Good Doctor
Freddie Highmore | Oscar J. Barroso/AFP7/Europa Press via Getty Images

Welcome back Robert Sean Leonard

Many names from House went on to further stardom after acting on the show for its eight-season run. Actors like Omar Epps, Kal Penn, and even Amber Tamblyn had significant roles to grow their stardom.

Robert Sean Leonard was usually third billed as Dr. James Wilson who headed the Dept. of Oncology. He and Dr. Greg House became close friends, and the allusions to Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson were more than a little obvious. Of course, House was already based loosely on Holmes as a drug-addicted medical genius.

Toward the end of House, we found out Dr. Wilson was dying from cancer. In the finale, we saw Wilson and House out riding motorcycles together after former apparently quit his job. We were to assume Wilson would eventually die, though enjoying life in the meantime. As you may remember, these events happened after House faked his own death.

Since those House days, Leonard has been seen in numerous TV guests shots ranging from Falling Skies to recent The Hot Zone miniseries. For the beginning of the third season of The Good Doctor, you’re going to see Robert Sean Leonard play a slightly odd guest-starring part.

Playing a prize-winning sports fisherman

If you considered Dr. Wilson to be a tad eccentric (next to Dr. House’s triple eccentricity), Leonard is going to play another offbeat character in the third episode of TGD’s third season.

He plays a sports fisherman named Shamus O’Malley who needs to have a medical procedure done after a fishing accident. The doctors work frantically on him while his reported prized fish lies by his bedside.

Yes, this sounds almost comical when TGD usually leans a little more serious. Then again, the show arguably needed a little bit of tongue in cheek to lighten things up.

Maybe Leonard’s character won’t be quite so comical as it sounds, but we can’t help seeing a bit of Dr. Wilson in this character without him wearing a medical coat.

Perhaps you haven’t paid attention to all the House cameos, because Leonard is the second appearance from the original cast.

Lisa Edelstein appeared on ‘The Good Doctor’ last season

Remember Edelstein’s Dr. Lisa Cuddy from House? She was second-billed on the show next to Hugh Laurie, despite the two having a volatile relationship. They even had a romantic fling that led to a bitter split and House ramming his car into Cuddy’s house out of spite. Dr. Cuddy ultimately quit her medical position as a result.

Outside of those wild outcomes on House, Edelstein managed to cross over to The Good Doctor a little more peacefully. Last season, she played Dr. Marina Blaize, the oncologist treating Dr. Glassman.

Perhaps because she was playing a far more innocuous role, they decided to write her part out for this year. Even so, it’ll be fun to see Robert Sean Leonard back in a medical environment.

Whether Hugh Laurie will make an appearance is still unknown. How he could fit into a TGD story is anyone’s guess, yet don’t be surprised to see the show lighten up this year to display other sides to Shaun Murphy we haven’t seen before.