‘The Good Place’: D’Arcy Carden Reveals What She’d Do If She Had Her Own Janet

D’Arcy Carden is known for her hilarious portrayal of the character Janet on the hit television show The Good Place. On the show, Janet is a human-looking robot that helps the other people who live in the Good Place (or the Middle Place). The show has gained popularity every year that it has been on the air. One of the things that makes it so entertaining is the diverse role that Carden plays when she becomes Janet.

What exactly is Janet?

The Good Place
The Good Place | Colleen Hayes/NBC

 It’s kind of difficult to describe exactly what Janet is. She is not quite a human, yet not a celestial being either. She is also not technically a robot even though she has a certain Siri-like quality to her. Basically, she is an all-knowing being that can transport from any of the neighborhoods while giving the people of those places anything that they may need. She can make any object appear out of thin air, has full knowledge of everything in the universe, is pretty strong and is good at fighting demons, and can appear whenever someone says the words, “Hey Janet.”

Janet is also the only one who can operate the train that transports people to different neighborhoods. In season one, we had learned that another one of Janet’s skills is that she can turn into a real-life walkie talkie and people can use her to communicate with one another by speaking into her mouth.

The thing that makes her seem robotic is the fact that she does not seem to understand how feelings work. She is brutally honest to people and if someone is brutally honest to her, it does not hurt her feelings at all. The only time she seems to show any emotions (except for her constant unnecessary happiness) is when someone tries to push her kill/reboot switch. Then she gets a little panicky.

Why is Janet such a unique character?

While Janet has many different abilities and helpful features that make her a great asset to the other characters on the show, D’arcy says that the character has one great ability that she would utilize. So what would she use Janet for if she were able to have one of her very own? Keep reading to find out.

What would D’Arcy Carden do with her own Janet?

With all of Janet’s super cool abilities, there doesn’t seem to be anything that Janet can’t do. So, with everything that Janet can do, what would be the one thing that D’Arcy would ask for help with if she had her own Janet? According to Racked, She would have Janet help her with her shopping.

Recently, when she was asked what she would user her very own Janet for, she had responded by saying, “I would have Janet help me shop. She would be my personal shopper. Because shopping alone can be hard, but I also never want to put someone out and be like, “Will come and watch me try on dresses?” She also talked about how when she does shop for herself, she always finds it hard to find the time to return the items that don’t fit or ones that she just doesn’t need anymore.

So, out of all of the things that Janet is capable of doing, D’Arcy would like her to just be a shopping companion who occasionally makes a trip to the store to return unwanted items. We are not judging or anything, but those people actually already exist and they are called personal assistants.

For most people, if they had their own personal Janet that was pretty much like a genie that granted you an unlimited amount of wishes, they would not choose for them to become their personal shopper. But no matter what D’Arcy would use her own Janet for, we are just glad that she has decided to bring this funny and intelligent character to life that continues to make us smile and laugh each and every week.