‘The Good Place’: Do Eleanor and Chidi Stand a Chance of Happiness?

One of the most popular relationships on NBC’s The Good Place is that of Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and Chidi (William Harper Jackson). Eleanor and Chidi have been through a lot throughout the seasons, and they are currently going through a rough patch.

However, The Good Place is coming to an end with the fourth season being its last. Does that mean that Eleanor and Chidi will finally live happily ever after together when the show is finished? Is there a chance that they will not?

Eleanor and Chidi were originally ‘soulmates’

Kristen Bell as Eleanor and William Jackson Harper as Chidi on NBC's 'The Good Place.'
Kristen Bell as Eleanor and William Jackson Harper as Chidi on NBC’s The Good Place. | Colleen Hayes/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Eleanor and Chidi first met in season one when Eleanor arrived at the “Good Place.” Chidi was introduced as her “soulmate” for eternity, and he also was the first person Eleanor went to when she realized that she did not belong in the “Good Place.”

The two of them seemed quite different from each other at first, but they eventually bonded after Chidi — an ethics professor — began giving Eleanor lessons about morality to help her become good enough for the “Good Place.”

Eleanor and Chidi fell in love in many of the different reboots

After a while, Eleanor, Chidi, and their two other human friends came to realize that they were actually in the “Bad Place.” This led the demon-architect, Michael (Ted Danson), to erase their memories and make them go through the whole thing again.

Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship ended up getting reset anytime that their memories were erased. However, in many of the reboots, they would often find their way to each other again and become friends. In a lot of instances, they would even fall in love and confess their feelings to each other.

Chidi currently does not remember who Eleanor is

Towards the end of season three, Eleanor and Chidi were in love again. They went about having a relationship while also helping Michael run another “Good Place” experiment.

However, things got more complicated when Chidi’s ex-girlfriend, Simone (Kirby Howell-Baptist), entered the afterlife. During the finale of the third season, Chidi decided to get his memory erased so that his feelings for Simone would not conflict with the experiment. This also, unfortunately, made him forget about Eleanor.

Season four begins with Eleanor trying her best to be a cheerful “architect” for the neighborhood while being emotionally devastated at Chidi not remembering her.

Fans believe that Eleanor and Chidi might not get back together

It’s not clear where their relationship will go from here, though a lot of fans do not seem to have much hope that Eleanor and Chidi will fall in love again.

One fan on Reddit.com pointed out that Eleanor often refers to Chidi as her ex-boyfriend throughout season four, which could be a hint at how their relationship probably already ended. Moreover, Eleanor is also realizing that she has to push Chidi and Simone to become soulmates so that Simone could accept her new reality.

“Eleanor telling Chidi that he has a soulmate really made me realize that they might not get back [together] since he won’t even consider Eleanor as a potential partner because he has his eternally compatible soulmate,” the fan shared.

Another viewer agreed, saying: “I’m kind of wondering if this will all wrap up with Chidi and Simone together with Eleanor moving on to a higher purpose (rehabilitating humans in the afterlife to help them get into The Good Place). It’ll be bittersweet to see, but I wouldn’t hate it after seeing this latest episode. She’d be setting aside her feelings for one person to save all of humanity.”

Someone else also noted that the show’s creator, Mike Schur, has a history of not giving characters happy endings, which could be a clue that things won’t end well for Eleanor either.

Ultimately, though, these are only theories and fans still do not know for certain what the writers have in store for Eleanor and Chidi. To keep up with their relationship, catch The Good Place every Thursday on NBC.