‘The Good Place’: Does the Cast Already Know How the Show Ends?

Kristen Bell and Ted Danson walk together in the pilot episode of NBC's The Good Place

Kristen Bell and Ted Danson in The Good Place | Justin Lubin/NBC

It’s obvious that there is a lot of work that goes into writing The Good Place since it cites real philosophy theories. There are also a lot of twists that it probably makes fans wonder where the show will end up. Does the cast already know that answer? Here is everything you need to know.

Most of the cast was told how The Good Place will end

The Good Place

The Good Place | Colleen Hayes/NBC

Kristen Bell revealed that she and a lot of the other cast members were told the final ending. But she has a funny reason why she doesn’t know it.

She said on Conan that creator, Mike Schur told her, William Jackson Harper, D’Arcy Carden, Jameela Jamil, and Manny Jacinto the ending to the series. “I was told, and… the funny thing is, uh, I got a lot going on, and I don’t remember things very well, and I forgot. I legit forgot,” said Bell.

Bell went on to explain how she could forget such a big secret. “I got two kids, guys! That’s, like, a lot of work! There’s so much work! They don’t even tell you how much work they are! He told me. Last year, he’s like, ‘That’s how I’m going to wrap it up. Yeah, that’s the right idea.’ And it has exited my brain.”

It’s unknown when the series will end but it won’t be as long as Friends

The Good Place

The Good Place | Colleen Hayes/NBC

Sometimes if there is already an ending planned for the series then there is also a timeline for a series. Breaking Bad for example ended when the writers felt like they were done instead of waiting to get canceled. But there doesn’t seem to be a planned timeline with Mike Schur.

Director on the show, Drew Goddard told Newsweek, “So much of the show is this crazy genius of Mike Schur, who is the showrunner, creator [and] writer.” He then continued, “As a director, I want it to go forever. I keep saying to Mike, ‘Hey, this cast is so good. This cast is so extraordinary. I’ll watch them do anything for 30 seasons.'”

He went on to say that his opinion is probably different than the show’s creator. “If it’s up to Drew, I want the show to go 30 seasons long,” Goddard said. “But Mike would tell you he has a story to tell and he’ll tell it however he thinks it can go. I’m certainly pushing for as much Good Place as possible.”

It looks like the creator is nowhere close to leaning toward 30 seasons. Schur told The Hollywood Reporter that he has thought about the future of the show.

Obviously because of that DNA, where status quos get blown up so frequently, this is not a show that is destined to be on for nine years,” Schur said. “It’s not a 200-episode, Friends kind of a deal. It’s not a hangout show. So, yeah, we’ve given it a lot of thought, and we have a certain plan, which I think you’ll get the sense of in the fairly near future.”

So the cast knows the ending to The Good Place because of Mike Schur. There isn’t a specific timeline on when the show will end but it probably won’t be a very long-running one.

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