‘The Good Place’: is Chidi a Demon?

The Good Place is currently on its fourth and final season, which means that the writers could have a lot of plot twists in store for viewers as the show comes to an end. Fans are also thinking of numerous possible endings for their favorite Good Place characters. 

One theory that has been going around the fandom involves Chidi. It has been quite obvious so far who Chidi is and what his motivations are. However, what if we have been wrong about him and his identity all along?

Read on below to see what some fans think Chidi could be.

Chidi is one of the main four humans on ‘The Good Place’

Chidi and Eleanor on The Good Placd
William Jackson Harper as Chidi, Kristen Bell as Eleanor | Colleen Hayes/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Before we get into wild fan theories, it’s important to point out who Chidi is supposed to be right now on the show.

Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper) is a man from Senegal who worked as an ethics professor in different universities around the world.

He was first introduced as the “soulmate” for Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and the person she turned to when she realized that she did not belong in the “Good Place.” After Chidi discovered Eleanor’s secret, he decided to teach her moral philosophy in order for her to become good enough to remain in the “Good Place.”

Later on, Chidi also taught ethics to two other humans: Jason (Manny Jacinto) and Tahani (Jameela Jamil). The four humans, then, embarked on a quest to become better versions of themselves with the help of the demon Michael.

Chidi is known to be a human with pure intentions. He often does what is morally right and is the first person to object to any scheme that involves lying and deception.

However, his biggest flaw is that he is extremely indecisive, which is actually the reason why he died in the first place.

Fans think that Chidi could turn out to be a demon

Chidi is generally a good person, which is why it is almost inconceivable that he could be a demon. However, some fans believe that that is exactly what he is.

A user on Reddit pointed out: “In that scene where demons mistook him for a certain ‘Trent,’ they said he hasn’t been torturing for like 800 years, and there has been a bit more than 800 reboots in the fake good place, so what if Chidi is actually Trent, a demon going undercover amongst humans?”

The scene in question is in season 2, episode 11, where the humans found themselves at a party at the Museum of Human Misery in the “Bad Place.”

Here, a demon named Chet (Dax Shepard) thought that Chidi was a demon named “Trent,” and Chidi ended up going along with it so that he would not out himself as a human.

Aside from this evidence, fans also think that Chidi could be a demon who decided to erase his memory at the end of Season 3 in order to torture Eleanor.

Moreover, the show has a running joke about Chidi’s profession, which could perhaps be a clue from the writers about Chidi’s real identity.

“The idea that a Philosophy Professor is a demon would be a good joke played on the viewers,” one viewer noted. “They’ve often made jokes about how they are universally disliked.”

Will Chidi and Eleanor be together in the end?

If Chidi turns out to be a demon, it’s doubtful that he and Eleanor will get back together. However, from the episodes that already aired in season 4, there are many fans who believe that the couple will actually never get their happy ending.

Ultimately, anything can happen from now until the end of the season. To keep up with Chidi and the other characters, make sure to catch The Good Place every Thursday on NBC.