In ‘The Good Place’ Judge Gen Makes a Shocking Decision

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of The Good Place. After last week’s cliffhanger, The Good Place returned for an equally thrilling episode. “The Funeral to End All Funerals” reveals who won the experiment, but not without the show’s classic twists.

The Good Place
‘The Good Place’ cast | Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani hold their own funerals

After the experiment ended, Michael was the only one allowed to see the results. The humans and Janet stayed behind and talked about what they thought would happen. As they talked about their lives in the afterlife and their lives on earth, they decided to throw each other funerals.

Tahani’s took place in a private jet, Jason’s took place beside a pool, and Eleanor’s took place in a bar. Each human and Janet gave heartfelt speeches about what the members of the Soul Squad means to them. Even though Chidi was still frozen, the group decided to throw him a funeral as well.

They asked Eleanor to give a eulogy, but Eleanor was unable to bring herself to think about her love for Chidi. Just as Eleanor comes to terms with her emotions, the group is summoned to hear the results of the experiment.

The Judge makes her decision about the experiment in ‘The Good Place’

Michael is the only member of Team Cockroach allowed to see the final numbers. It turns out Simone, Chidi, and John all improved. Meanwhile, Brent lost one point. However, The Judge realized Brent had a leap of improvement right at the end of the experiment.

Michael also shows the results of who Team Cockroach helped on earth. Eleanor’s mom, Jason’s dad, and Tahani’s sister all improved after the group guided them in the right direction. After Eleanor, Jason, Tahani, and Janet arrive, Judge Gen announces her verdict.

Judge Gen tells Michael that he was right and he won over The Bad Place. She agrees that the way humanity has progressed makes the points system ill-equipped to handle placing humans in the afterlife. Judge Gen then reaches the shocking decision of whipping out all of humanity, including people who are alive and in the afterlife.

Bad Janet has a change of heart in ‘The Good Place’

When Michael let Bad Janet go earlier in the season, he gave her a manifesto he wrote about humanity. She takes it, and while she mocked him she did seem intrigued with what he told her. When Judge Gen attempts to erase all of humanity, Bad Janet takes the device and hides it in her void.

Bad Janet then tells Shawn off and earns a hug from Janet. The two then reveal that they started a Janet group text and all of the Janets are on their side. Good Place Janets, Bad Place Janets, Neutral Janets, and Disco Janets all enter Judge Gen’s chambers.

Judge Gen vows to search the void of every Janet, and if she doesn’t find the device she will marbleize them all. As she searches the voids, Michael decides they need to design a new points system to convince Judge Gen there is a better way. Eleanor begs Michael to wake up Chidi because she thinks he would be the best person to design a new system. The episode ends just before Michael wakes him up.