‘The Good Place’: Michael Schur Interviewed ‘1 Million People’ for This Role and Fans Think She Deserves an Emmy

NBC’s critically acclaimed show The Good Place is in its fourth and final season. Fans and critics are in love with the series featuring Kristen Bell, but it has yet to receive an Emmy. It was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2019 but didn’t win. Also, Ted Danson and Maya Rudolph were both nominated for Emmys for their work on the show, but neither won. 

For the 2020 Emmy season, fans are rooting for this one actress who snagged a role over “1 million people,” according to Michael Schur. Read on to find out who she is and why fans love her so much.

The Cast of 'The Good Place'
The cast of ‘The Good Place’ | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Schur weeded through ‘1 million people’ to find D’Arcy Carden

When Schur was looking for the actor to play Janet, he offered potentials a dummy scene to keep the spoiler-sensitive series under wraps. 

“We auditioned a million people ranging from 13-year-old boys all the way to 75-year-old women and everything in between,” Schur told The Washington Post.  

He kept looking, hoping someone would portray precisely what he was thinking. At the time, D’Arcy Carden felt like she was getting nowhere fast. She went into the interview, just hoping to make Schur laugh.

“I feel like I know what Janet is now,” Schur told the Post. “But I know it because of D’Arcy, not because of me.” It was clear to Schur from the moment he met her that Carden was perfect for the role. 

Carden thought the role might not be interesting enough, but fans are enamored with the many ways Carden can portray Janet on The Good Place

D’Arcy Carden wows fans with the variety of roles she plays on ‘The Good Place’

Carden is receiving rave reviews from fans across social media for the many different Janets she plays on The Good Place. Her primary role as Janet is to be a “centralized information database.” 

The people of the neighborhood can ask her questions, as well as have her retrieve anything they can think of. She’s not a girl and not a robot. She’s a Janet.

“Holy shirt Darcy Carden is an amazing actor,” wrote one Reddit user after last week’s episode. Another fan replied, “I’m still pissed she wasn’t even nominated for an Emmy last season.”

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Viewers cannot get enough of Janet. “It’s amazing how different D’arcy is able to make Good Janet versus Bad Janet. This was easily the most advanced Bad Janet we’ve seen, but she didn’t remind me of our usual Janet at all,” another Reddit user wrote. 

The fan was referring to the way Carden plays both the Janet in the heaven-like afterlife (the Good Place), as well as the Janet in hell (the Bad Place).

Many users agreed: “Right!? It honestly doesn’t even feel like the same actress. She is SO GOOD.”

Fans cannot stop talking about her. “I think D’Arcy Carden is going to break out with this role,” wrote another Reddit user.

Although Reddit users disagree about how much they love the show, it is difficult to find even one negative comment about Carden. They agree she is the breakout actress they would like to see win an Emmy this year. 

D’Arcy Carden landed 2 comedic roles at the same time

While she was waiting to hear back from Schur, Carden also auditioned for a dark HBO comedy called Barry.

She read for the part of Natalie, a desperate acting student with whom Carden connected. She knew the co-creator of the series Bill Hader, of Saturday Night Live, because she was a nanny to his children for many years.

Carden has admitted she was very close to calling her friend to take herself out of the running. She knew she would not get the role and wanted to save her friend from the awkward phone call he would have to make. 

To Carden’s surprise, she landed both roles, and now stars on two of the most critically acclaimed comedies on television. 

You can watch Carden as Janet on The Good Place on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern on NBC.