‘The Good Place’ Recap: Chidi Surprises Eleanor and Michael

The Good Place continues its entertaining fourth season and is defying all of the characters’ expectations. When the Judge decided Chidi would be the newest member of the experiment, the rest of the Soul Squad thought they finally had someone figured out. It turns out they were wrong. Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of The Good Place.

The Good Place Eleanor Michael
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Michael and Eleanor decide to torture Chidi in ‘The Good Place’

In the new season of The Good Place, Michael and Eleanor assumed Chidi would help all of the residents. Because Chidi assumes he is in The Good Place, he does not have the drive to teach others about ethics. Michael and Eleanor realize Chidi does not have the fear about going to The Bad Place.

They enlist Jason to help, and ask Chidi to help Jianyu acclimate to the neighborhood. As soon as the two are left alone, Jianyu admits that he is in fact Jason and that he does not belong in The Good Place. Keeping Jason’s secret slowly tortures Chidi.

At first, this causes Eleanor happiness because she is mad at Chidi for abandoning her. At some points in the episode, Michael seems happy at the amount of pain Chidi is in as well. After Chidi admits he feels like he is being tortured, Eleanor cries because she feels that she failed at protecting him. In the end the plan works, and Chidi decides to help Jason learn ethics.

Tahani helps John in ‘The Good Place’

So far, in The Good Place, John was the newest resident who received the least amount of screen time. In “Chillaxing,” Tahani takes it upon herself to try and convince John to be a better person. Janet helps her, but often gives her misplaced advice.

At one point, Janet strangely tries to convince Tahani to physically fight John. When Tahani refutes that, Janet apologizes and says she is “fired up.” Tahani instead decides to bond with John and form a legitimate friendship. This ends up working, and by the end of the episode, the Soul Squad has all of the new residents figured out.

Except the newest episode of The Good Place features a final twist. In the last few seconds, a hooded figure is seen rushing towards The Medium Place on a handcar. While it would be easy to assume it’s a villain from The Bad Place, fans have another theory.

Some fans of the show still think Michael and Janet were replaced with demons

A running fan theory is that Michael and Janet were replaced with demons in the first episode of the fourth season. In “Chillaxing,” fans still believe that theory. They also think Michael is the hooded figure at the end of “Chillaxing.”

“Michael and Janet were switched out with a demon and Bad Janet in S4E1. Shawn is the demon in the Michael suit. The ‘person’ at the end is Michael,” a Reddit user wrote.

In a thread, the Reddit user pointed out how Janet and Michael are actually making everyone miserable. “1: Everyone is miserable. To the point that Chidi almost had a ‘holy motherforking shirtballs’ moment,” they wrote. “2: Every time the Brainy Bunch is close to a breaking point ‘Michael’ and ‘Janet’ point them in the right direction to ease their pain slightly.”

They continued, “… They’re smart enough to back off because Shawn is in the Michael suit. 3: Janet’s hair change is Bad Janet leaking through 4: the ‘person’ at the end isn’t going to be some new big bad guy. The writers wouldn’t introduce a new concept like that at the end of the show.”