‘The Good Place’ Returns for Season 4 on NBC: What Happened in the Premiere?

Sept. 26 was a big night for comedy on NBC with shows like The Good Place returning for season 4. In the third season, The Judge put the characters in charge of a new experiment to see if humans can truly improve after they die.

The fate of the human race is in their hands, because if their experiment fails then all of humanity is doomed. No big deal. The newest episode showed the experiment got off to a chaotic start. Beware, if you haven’t watched the season 4 premiere of The Good Place yet this article contains spoilers.

The Good Place season 4
‘The Good Place’ cast |Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Chidi forgets Eleanor’s name in the season 4 premiere of ‘The Good Place’

For the experiment, The Bad Place selected the four new humans. The season 3 finale revealed the demons picked the worst humans for Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason. The second human to arrive was Chidi’s ex-girlfriend, Simone.

To keep himself from ruining the experiment, Chidi elects to have his memory erased. This means he forgets his entire romantic history with Eleanor while she remembers all of it. Season 3 of The Good Place ended with Eleanor greeting Chidi.

The new season shows what happened after that. To make Chidi and Eleanor shippers feel even worse, Chidi forgets Eleanor’s name by the end of their conversation. Viewers feel the same gut punch Eleanor notably does.

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The characters in ‘The Good Place’ have their hands full with the new residents

The new residents selected for the experiment are, well, terrible. Even though Simone was friends with Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason on Earth, she does not react the way the group expected. Simone thinks the entire afterlife is a hallucination and refuses to believe any differently.

The Bad Place selected John, a celebrity blogger, to torture Tahani. Brent is a new resident who shows up at the beginning of the season 4 premiere, and his harassing comments and oblivious assumptions make him insufferable to everyone around him.

Then there is Linda, who at first just seems like the most boring human to ever exist. While her dullness drove Eleanor and Michael to insanity, Linda was later revealed to be a demon from The Bad Place in disguise. When this is revealed, The Judge selects Chidi to be the fourth member in the experiment.

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Can the humans in ‘The Good Place’ improve?

While Tahani, Jason, Eleanor, and Chidi greatly improved over the last three seasons, the season 4 premiere showed how difficult improvement actually is. Eleanor selfishly did not want Simone and Chidi interacting at all. Jason murders Derek out of jealousy over his bond with Janet. The premiere also showed teaching the new residents will be an uphill battle.

This begs the question, will the new experiment be successful? There are several fan theories about how The Good Place might end. Will the humans end up in The Medium Place? Are the main characters still being tortured? The season 4 premiere of The Good Place set up the questions for the rest of the season to answer.