‘The Good Place’ Trolls Fans With Emotional Goodbye On Social Media

Let’s face it: The best-case scenario for any TV series is to get to finish it on the creators’ terms. And that doesn’t happen all that often. But, in a happy ending that the beloved NBC comedy The Good Place deserves, it will get that perfect finale.

Despite this being good news, fans are NOT ready to say goodbye. With just under a month remaining until the Season 4 premiere, The Good Place is already making us laugh and cry. Here’s what happened.

‘The Good Place’ is coming to an end

The Good Place
THE GOOD PLACE — “Chidi Sees the Time-Knife” (l-r) Kristen Bell as Eleanor, William Jackson Harper as Chidi, Ted Danson as Michael, Marc Evan Jackson as Shawn | Colleen Hayes/NBC

Yes, it’s true: The Good Place will end with the upcoming fourth season. And so much has happened over the past few years for the gang. So let’s take a look back.

A group of misfits find themselves in “heaven” together, but at the end of Season 1, they discover they’ve been in “The Bad Place” all along. They spend Season 2 trying to get to the real Good Place, and Season 3 sees them return to Earth briefly, before starting a brand new experiment in the finale.

The stars and creators say goodbye

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On this day in April 2016, I had just shot a pilot with these ridiculously talented people, all of whom I was terrified of, because I’d never acted a day in my life before, and I felt incredibly unworthy of them. I was in a show created by Mike Schur, the god of comedy, and all of his (infuriatingly young and gifted) writers, and most of my scenes were opposite @teddanson I had no idea what we were in for. Or if you would all hate us; or just hate me! I didn’t know if people would get it; or if we could ever top the best comedy season finale I’ve ever seen. But it all went just fine. And the writers just continued to amaze us. The crew propped us up and built an amazing show and environment for us to work with them in. Mike and Morgan Sackett turned out to be the best bosses ever. And we are rolling into season 4, ending on our terms, with a golden globe nomination, an Emmy nomination; a TCA award, an AFI award, a critics choice nomination and the best fans a show could ever ask for, that send us their love and support from all around the world. You guys are so smart and fun and your costumes when you dress up as us are SO cool. This was above and beyond the most extraordinary thing to happen to me. And to all of us I think. And today as I shoot my final scene I thank everyone involved in this beautiful experience. It was a proper team effort and I will never forget any of this, or any of you. ❤️ signing off as Tahani officially, as I series wrap. Lots of love. Jam. X

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Even when you know the end is coming, there’s still plenty of sadness to go around. The cast and crew definitely felt this, which they expressed at length at the show’s final San Diego Comic-Con in July 2019. They also talked about how they had just received the final episode’s script.

So it wasn’t surprising that not long after, some of the cast began to post “goodbyes” to the show on social media. Especially moving was that of Jameela Jamil (Tahani Al-Jamil), who “had never acted a day in [her] life} before shooting The Good Place pilot. She shared a special memory from that day.

Here’s what ‘The Good Place’ accounts posted

If you think posts like Jamil’s were triggering, get ready for this. On Aug. 27, 2019, the Instagram account for The Good Place deleted all of its past images and started over with nine new posts.

There’s one for each of the main cast members, as well as three that, together, spell out the words seen when someone enters “The Good Place,” “Welcome! Everything is fine.” However, the “e” in “fine” is removed, so it actually says the French word for “finished.”

Fans couldn’t process their feelings

The Good Place Twitter account also shared these images, in sets of two: Team Cockroach, which consists of Eleanor and Michael, The Brainy Bunch (Chidi and Janet), and finishes with Tahani and Jason as The Soul Squad.

Understandably, fans were emotional at the farewell promotional images, which read things like, “It’s been unforgettable” and “It’s been life-changing. In The Good Place style, many used language unique to series, like Jeremy Bearimy (an explanation of how time works).

‘The Good Place’ account replies

But The Good Place Twitter account isn’t here for your feelings. One Twitter user shared a photo of the Instagram display, writing, “do y’all think that hurting out fellings is COOL???” at the handle. The reply? “Yes.” Sounds like something Sean would say, doesn’t it?

However, there’s a silver lining: The release of these images also comes with the happy news that Season 3 of The Good Place is now available to watch on Netflix. So if you’re in your feelings after reading this, at least you have somewhere to channel that energy.

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