‘The Good Place’: Why Jameela Jamil Is Thankful for Tahani’s Trauma

The Good Place made fans bawl with its series finale “When You’re Ready,” proving that when some things end, it can be hilarious and beautiful.

For its entire NBC run, The Good Place made us laugh as Michael tampered with his charges’ perception of reality until they became friends. And we witnessed when Eleanor finally stopped forking around and dedicated herself to turning “good.”

Though Chidi, Jason, and Eleanor decided to cross over into the after afterlife, former card-carrying narcissist Tahani stayed behind to tinker around some more.

The Good Place cast felt emotional saying goodbye to their characters for the final episode, and Jameela Jamil recently opened up about feeling gratitude for Tahani’s hellish tribulations.  

Jameela Jamil
‘The Good Place’ star Jameela Jamil | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

A look back at what made Tahani ‘bad’ and ‘good’

When fans first met Tahani in season 1, she was so elegant, well-educated, snobby, and prone to humble bragging.

We later learned her upbringing lacked affection and unconditional love from her parents but was fraught with sisterly competition. Her relationship with Kamilah was tense and strained because she lived in her shadow.

Although Tahani always used good manners, she was arrogant, uptight, and usually had an agenda when it came to social gatherings and do-good activities — before and after death. She cared about impressing people.

Her afterlife friends helped her work through those things — and their own issues — eventually landing them in the real Good Place.

Tahani found emotional healing when she made up with her family for countless Jeremy Bearimies toward the end.

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Jameela Jamil is grateful for Tahani’s experience

During an appearance on a Deadline Contenders panel for The Good Place, Jamil discussed how much Tahani meant to her. Receiving Michael’s peacock bow tie was one of her fondest memories from the show as was the sweet sense of closure with Tahani’s family.

When the cast was asked what they learned through their characters, Jamil said that she realized Tahani was sent to Hell because of her obsession with what others thought of her. That served as Tahani’s motivation, much to her detriment.

“Watching how much that traumatized her made me look out for that in myself and divorce myself from that responsibility to be liked or approved of by everyone,” she said. She noted that Tahani’s self-worth was corrupted because of it.

Jamil explained Tahani taught her to let go of that aspect as an entertainer/celebrity and it’s helped her keep her sense of self in check. “I thank her for that.”

Jamil added that she sobbed in front of 200 people when the show wrapped and joked that she’d never cried in public before. She praised her cast mates, the writers, and crew, and deemed several moments on the show as some of the most memorable ones in her entire life.

‘The Good Place’ is up for several Emmys

2020 marks another year of Emmy nominations for The Good Place and the series is up for four awards this season. Since 2018, the show’s garnered 13 nominations but hasn’t won yet, so perhaps its final bow will bring home the win. The Emmys are scheduled to air on Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. EST.

Fans can stream The Good Place on NBC, Amazon, or Hulu.