The Grating Reason One Popular HGTV Show is Also One of the Most Hated on the Network

Even though it still ranks as one of HGTV’s most watched programs, through 15 seasons, Love It or List It seems to top the list as one of the most hated shows on the network. It’s a combination of things, really, that turns viewers away. But, there is one grating reason which makes it so universally disliked.

Everyone knows reality TV isn’t reality

HGTV logo on display at the TCA Reception
HGTV Display at the TCA Reception | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

Anyone who watches any reality TV shows from The Bachelor to Teen Mom knows that you can’t believe everything you see on TV. It stands to reason, then, that HGTV reality shows must also be embellished to make for the most entertaining episodes. However, it’s become clear to viewers that some shows on HGTV tend to do a little more than just stretch the truth. It seems that Love it or List it might be completely false. 

It does all seem pretty staged, since the same series of events happens in almost every episode. But, what about this show makes it so hated?

‘Love It or List It’ tops the list of most hated shows on HGTV

There are dozens of reality shows that people love to hate. It’s a combination of the over-the-top drama and the highly scripted interactions on air that bother people most about Love it or List it. Aside from that, viewers have been hearing rumors about how the families on the show don’t really want to sell their home or how the homes presented as potential purchases by families might not even be for sale. 

There have even been recent lawsuits filed against the show from homeowners who claim they received “shoddy” and unfinished carpentry work due to their participation in the reality show.

The hosts are part of the problem

In every episode of the show, viewers get to watch as hosts Hillary and David battle it out to convince a family to either love their newly remodeled home and keep it, or find a better home elsewhere and list their current home for sale. The family provides a preliminary budget for Hillary to follow in order to renovate their home. Meanwhile, David has a budget with which he needs to find the family prospective homes to purchase.

Unfortunately, in almost every episode, the hosts behave in such cringe-worthy ways it makes it nearly unbearable to watch. Hillary is never able to follow through on her promises to the family. She rolls her eyes when homeowners are visibly upset and makes claims about renovations that she cannot deliver upon. Not only that, she seems to be always asking families to dole out more cash for inevitable problems that arise during renovations.

She and David showboat and bicker with each other in such forced ways that we can’t help but judge them for their lack of acting abilities, and then David presents homes to the family which are typically way outside of their budget or desired neighborhood.

‘Love It or List It’ really grates on viewers’ nerves

But, despite how awful the hosts are, it’s actually the scripted nature of the show that really gets under people’s skin. The unrealistic added drama seems to be the No. 1 reason that viewers decide to change the channel for good.

Not only does the show seem false in the way the scripted and formulaic episodes pan out, but it may actually be completely untrue.

One Reddit user claims that the show actually films both a “love it” ending and a “list it” ending in order to be able to choose which ending makes for more powerful television.

“My aunt and uncle were on Love It or List It,” they claim.”They had them record both endings and the network chose which one they thought was best. They are still in the house and they love it, but the show says they listed it.”

This seems to be powerful proof that viewers aren’t wrong in hating how fake the show appears because it is, indeed, all put on for show.