The Gross Method Robert Pattinson Uses to Make Himself Cry When Acting

Robert Pattinson is a very method actor. It’s something we’ve seen him utilize in numerous oddball indie flicks since he ended the Twilight franchise. Now we’re seeing him expand on these skills in The Lighthouse alongside a fellow method actor: Willem Dafoe.

In another year or two, we’ll presumably see Pattison use these acting techniques in The Batman as well, giving others who’ve played the role an acting class in how to create a deeper Bruce Wayne.

What techniques does Pattinson use, though, to convey realism? When it comes to crying, he’s not one who can just do it on cue as some actors have over the years. His method will probably gross you out a little. Yet, it makes us wonder what other bizarre, ritualistic things he does to round out his performances.

Robert Pattinson nearly tortures himself to bring more realism to the big screen

Robert Pattinson attends the Dior Homme Menswear Spring/Summer 2019 show.
Robert Pattinson | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

According to Dafoe, he couldn’t stand working with Pattinson because of Pattinson’s unconventional acting techniques. Dafoe said Pattinson isn’t really interested in traditional acting craft and more about torturing himself to make a scene look more believable.

We’re not sure what to say to that and almost want to call Pattinson one of the first masochist actors rather than being true method. This may not be an exaggeration when Pattinson also revealed he had to stick his fingers down his throat to cry during a close-up scene in The Lighthouse.

Is this really a new type of acting angle, or is it just madness? When you’re even grossing Dafoe out, you know you’ve brought something different to the table.

Is Robert Pattinson’s acting technique madness?

Let’s not forget Pattinson is very much British, despite always putting on a convincing American accent in the Twilight films. For The Batman, let’s presume he’ll be doing the same if maybe bringing some of his very strange acting techniques onto the set.

Just how far will Pattinson go with his version of Bruce Wayne? It’s safe to say we should probably batten down the hatches for something dark and very wild. No doubt we’re going to hear about other acting techniques he uses to delve into dark mental corners of this revised character.

Whether this is really psychologically healthy is another thing. Can Pattinson really separate himself from his characters, or is he basically torturing himself just for the sake of acting art?

Because he’s British, there may be a stiff upper lip about that, hence why he probably can’t cry at the snap of a clapperboard.

How dangerous are Robert Pattinson’s acting methods?

From the outset, it doesn’t seem likely anyone else would want to mimic Pattinson’s acting approaches. Over time, his tactics could prove damaging, unless Pattinson already has enough therapy going on in his life to counter his crazy process. One thing for sure is he probably wishes he could cry on cue like a rare breed of actors have over the decades.

A far healthier method in learning to cry when needed is to simply tap into a personally sad memory (e.g. Sense Memory). Others have said that mimicking a laugh is a good way to fake a cry.

All future actors probably won’t consult Pattinson on his acting techniques, unless acting goes off the deep end as a more extreme sport for the sake of winning awards.