‘The Handmaid’s Tale’: Could June Actually Take Gilead Down?

Offred, or June (Elisabeth Moss), has been stuck in Gilead since season 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale. She’s gone from slightly defiant to downright dangerous. She is willing to do anything for the cause, which she continues to prove over and over again. But could June actually take Gilead down for good? Read on for potential spoilers if you are caught up with the series.

From a handmaid to the leader of the resistance

Elisabeth Moss
Elisabeth Moss | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

June has changed immensely over three seasons. She’s lost two daughters and doesn’t know where either of them actually is. The only reason she stayed in Gilead instead of fleeing to safety with Emily, or Ofglen (Alexis Bledel) and her daughter Nichole was because she needed to find her other daughter, Hannah, who has presumably been taken far away from her. In the meantime, June is wreaking havoc on Gilead in any way she can. She’s developed a sophisticated network of individuals working underground to change things.

June proves herself again and again

June proves herself a capable leader among the women fighting in the resistance. She successfully gets numerous children to the safety of Canada by getting them all rounded up and onto a plane away from Gilead. Fans were totally here for it, even though June ends up getting shot in the end for her efforts. She also kills a guard during the altercation, so she proves herself formidable and capable of fighting the enemy that is Gilead. She will continue to fight for the cause until she either finds her daughter or she takes down the vicious regime.  

Will June take Gilead down?

The hit Hulu series has changed the story up from Margaret Atwood’s famous novel. It’s expanded the storyline to include a whole other side to June. The Handmaid’s Tale series didn’t follow the novel word for word, so they could decide to change a few more things when it comes to June as well.

Margaret Atwood published a new novel called ‘The Testaments’

Atwood recently published a follow-up novel to The Handmaid’s Tale called The Testaments. In it, it’s revealed that June actually escapes to freedom and is living somewhere in Canada. She is finally reunited with her daughters after so many years apart. Hulu and MGM TV are working to bring the new novel to our television screens at home, which means the story isn’t over just yet.

It would be nice to see June take Gilead down eventually

The producers could choose to show June, who has turned into such a heroic character, as part of the destruction of the place that held her captive for so long. Who knows? Maybe they could deviate slightly or even elaborate on June’s part in Mayday. In the novel, she’s still working for the resistance and has to deal with Gilead trying to kill her on multiple occasions. The series could show June getting back at them and end up helping take back her country. It would be a nice and well-deserved victory for June after she’s been fighting for what seems like forever.

Will June ever escape Gilead and could she take down the entire regime? Hopefully, fans won’t have long to wait to find out since The Handmaid’s Tale has been renewed for season 4.