‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 4: Could June Really Lead the Underground Resistance in Gilead?

June has been working with the resistance and successfully got out a large number of children from the clutches of Gilead in season 3. Season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale will hopefully be even more explosive than the first three. Could June end up leading the underground resistance in Gilead? Read on for possible spoilers and predictions.

June can’t go back to the way things used to be

Elisabeth Moss
Elisabeth Moss | Steven Ferdman/FilmMagic

After that jaw-dropping season finale, June (Elisabeth Moss) can’t just go back to her old way of life in Gilead. She helped get a bunch of children to the safety of a plane and onward to Canada and she didn’t just stop there. She led a successful diversion to get the guards away from the children. She ends up shooting one dead, but not before he shoots her as well. She’s crossed a line of no return and there’s no going back.

“I love how this season wrapped up, but it truly depends on where June is in season 4,” a Reddit user wrote. “June CANNOT go back to some commander’s house and be a Handmaid again. This has to be the catalyst where June becomes the Harriet Tubman of Gilead.”

June could lead the resistance while Gilead starts to crumble

Fans are ready to see more action on the streets of Gilead itself. With the Waterfords being taken down in Canada, Gilead needs to start to disintegrate from the inside out. June can help be the point that sets off a chain reaction.

“Season 4 needs to be about the downfall of the Waterfords and the beginning of Gilead’s downfall,” the user continued. “This can be shown through Canada and the politics involved with the Waterfords and through June sneaking more children out of Gilead.”

June basically helps run things now and her word is final. She has more power now in Gilead than she might expect. Her movement into the underground world would be an interesting take on the lives of those trapped in Gilead working to take down the tyrannical regime.

“We would be able to see the downfall on a street level through June and her posse of Handmaids sneaking kids out but also through a bird’s eye view from Canada,” the Reddit user said.

Fans want to see some forward movement with June’s story

Most fans will agree that it’s time for June to move on from Gilead, or at least start the process of getting out. Many don’t want to see her continue her journey as just a handmaid. She has enough fight in her to get out and make some major moves. But there are ways where June might continue as a handmaid and work towards undermining Gilead at the same time.

“I’m really hoping that they ‘give’ Commander Lawrence another wife and June stays there as their handmaid,” another Reddit user said. “That way they can work together to move more children and women out. It seems to me that Lawrence has more power now that Waterford and Winslow are gone and pity that his wife died. The other Commanders already look to him for guidance.”

Hopefully fans will get the answers they need about June when season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale premieres.