‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 4: Could Serena Really Become a Handmaid in the Ultimate Punishment?

The Handmaid’s Tale has been dealing out justice where it’s due in season 3. Fans will remember that Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) made a choice that came back to bite her in the end. Could Serena end up facing the ultimate punishment for what she’s done? Fans weigh in so read on to learn more. Spoilers are ahead.

Serena Joy is arrested and is facing charges

Yvonne Strahovski
Yvonne Strahovski | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Serena has already made her bed and now she’s going to have to lie in it. She chose to turn in her own husband, Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes). He was arrested for war crimes, but he got back at her once he realized what was up. He wasn’t about to let Serena walk away free from everything with such dirty hands. The Canadian authorities arrest Serena for forcing June (Elisabeth Moss) and Nick (Max Minghella) to have sex against their will so she can have a child. Serena is now learning the consequences of those actions as she is now facing charges, just like her husband.

Could Serena become a handmaid?

Reddit is full of users speculating as to what will happen in season 4, especially when it comes to Serena. She didn’t just betray her husband, but Gilead as well. A Reddit user says that Serena could be sent to her former home after giving up information to Canada. If she then returns to Gilead, she could be in a new position and it would definitely be a demotion as a handmaid herself.

“I think it would be really interesting to see Serena in S4 get extradited back into Gilead & be turned into a handmaid (since clearly, after the season finale, she becomes a war criminal & Canada may see her more valuable to trade off to Gilead for their benefit.),” the Reddit user wrote. “Just imagine how deliciously her character arc would develop.”

Could Serena end up pregnant in a sick twist of fate?

Serena would then possibly find herself pregnant with a commander’s child. It would be an interesting turning point for her character to see how the handmaids are forced to live. It’s also an odd sense of justice and revenge for June.

The user continued saying: “After all those years of screaming MYBABYMYBABYMYBABY on repeat, she gets to have her own child— for somebody else. she’d be terribly alone since neither the handmaids nor the wives would give one s*** about her knowing what she did, and have no idea wtf to do. Seeing her break would be such interesting content the writers could play around with. It would also depict such a horrific (but entertaining) irony. and honestly? the most cruel form of revenge June could ever have on her.”

Serena may be sent to the Colonies at some point

Other fans of the series think Serena could be sent to the Colonies either right away or after a trial run as a handmaid. “Gilead never lives up to their own rules if it means they could use women to their benefit,” another Reddit user said. “I believe that if she did turn out to be fertile, they’d do everything to use it as much as possible before sending her to the colonies. I also think it could be possible they give her a certain ‘testing’ period where if she cannot get impregnated till a certain time she’ll immediately be transported to the colonies.”

Fans will hopefully get the answers they need about what will happen to Serena when season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale finally premieres.