The Heartbreaking Reason Prince Harry Misses Princess Diana More Since Archie’s Birth

New dad Prince Harry is definitely excited about the birth of his first child with Meghan Markle. He’s also missing his mom, Princess Diana, a little more since the birth of the baby. During his recent trip to the Netherlands, he shared the reason why.

Princess Diana On Holiday With Sons Prince William and Prince Harry
Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry | Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Prince Harry traveled in the days following the baby’s birth

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their baby on Monday, then introduced their newborn and announced his name, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, two days later. The next day, Prince Harry had a trip to the Netherlands to help raise awareness for the upcoming Invictus Games.

Prince Harry was all smiles during the visit, where he was gifted a sweet baby onesie and wore a jacket with “Invictus Family Daddy” embroidered on it, with the yellow letters spelling “I Am Daddy.”

During the visit, Prince Harry gave a speech, noting: “I had seen first-hand the transformative power of sport in helping people physically and psychologically recover and knew that the Invictus Games would change lives, capture hearts and inspire a generation, the Invictus generation. Now, here we are, launching the countdown to the fifth Invictus Games and I am absolutely thrilled that many more wounded, injured, and sick Servicemen and women will have the opportunity to continue their journey to recovery.”

Fatherhood is the ‘best thing he will ever do’

Leaving a newborn at home was likely not easy, as Prince Harry told a friend at the event that fatherhood is the “best thing he will ever do.”

His friend, JJ Chalmers, a former Invictus star and broadcaster, noted, however, “If anything I suppose it shows the importance of this competition to him. The [Invictus] is his first baby.”

Chalmers added, “I’m sure Meghan would love to be here too. This event has families at the absolutely heart of it.”

As for the type of father he’ll be, Chalmers said that Prince Harry will “be hands on,” adding, “I’m sure he will be walking through the door tonight and be handed the baby and told it’s his turn now,. I think naturally he’s obviously going to have a hard time with the sleep for a little while.”

He added, “But I said it [fatherhood] is the best thing he’ll ever do, and he agreed.”

Becoming a father reminds Prince Harry of his mother

Prince Harry had a conversation with a former soldier during the visit, as royal correspondent Imogen Lloyd Webber discussed during People magazine’s People Now show. Webber noted: “During a bike ride around the park Harry opened up to Dennis van der Stroon, who is a former soldier who hopes to compete in the Netherland’s Invictus team. Dennis said that Harry spoke to him about how becoming a father reminded him of his late mother.”

She continued, explaining, “Actually William talked about these milestone moments especially with weddings and so forth, that’s when they miss Diana the most.”

Michelle Tauber, People’s senior editor, added: “One of the things he said on that bike ride, he said ‘I realized a mother is security and I realized that when I lost my mum, I lost that security and a son needs that.”

Tauber noted: “I thought that was really quite heartbreaking because it’s true. Now seeing his vulnerable newborn baby being brought into the world I think he is reminded of what he is missing growing up.”