The Heartbreaking Reason that Prince Charles Cheating on Princess Diana was Inevitable

Princess Diana was beloved by many. Even after her death, people still talk about her and hold her in high regard. In fact, she was admired by almost everyone…except her husband Prince Charles.

Since his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles became public, people have often wondered how he could cheat on such an amazing woman. And even more so, how he could risk his family’s good name by bringing such scandal to the royal family.

But if you look closer into the sad, sordid tale of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, it’s pretty apparent that it was never going to work out between them.

Prince Charles dated Diana’s sister

The best way to start a healthy relationship is probably not by dating the other person’s family member. But that is exactly how Prince Charles and Diana met. At the time, Diana was just a teenager and Charles was dating her older sister, Sarah. After he and Sarah broke up, Diana saw Charles again at his 30th birthday party.

After going on only 12 dates, the two got engaged.

Charles fell in love with Camilla before Diana

Charles met and fell in love with Camilla before he ever got to know Diana. He wanted to marry her but his family didn’t think that she was a good fit for the royal duties that would have come with being his wife. Unfortunately for Charles, when he went to serve in the British navy, Camilla got engaged to Andrew Parker Bowles. There was nothing that Charles could do to stop the union and by the time he got back, Camilla was married.

Charles never loved Diana

Contrary to popular belief, Charles never loved Diana. He married her because he felt pressure going into his 30s unwed and his first choice was already married. He knew that his union to Diana would be approved by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II so he went for it.

Going into a marriage while still in love with someone else is a recipe for disaster. But Charles was out of time and out of options.

Despite feeling that Charles didn’t love her, Diana wanted to make the relationship work.

“I think like any marriage, especially when you’ve had divorced parents like myself, you’d want to try even harder to make it work and you don’t want to fall back into a pattern that you’ve seen happen in your own family,” she once said in an interview with Panorama.

Charles fell back into Camilla’s arms

Though he was married to Diana, Charles couldn’t help but still carry a flame for Camilla. She must have still loved him too because the two began seeing each other behind Diana’s back which ultimately resulted in the divorce of Diana and Charles in 1996.

“Given the choice, she would have stayed and tried to make a happy marriage,” Princess Diana’s personal trainer, Jeni Rivett once said. “She loved Charles … she was sad about it. She wanted to be a loving wife.”

Even though Diana wanted to work on things, the Queen suggested that the marriage come to an end, which was the last straw for the union.