The Heartbreaking Reason Why Josiah and Lauren Duggar Opened Up About Their Recent Miscarriage

Going through a miscarriage can be so isolating. But in fact, they are more common than most people realize. One source estimates that somewhere around 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, sometimes even before a woman realizes she’s pregnant.

Sadly, Josiah Duggar and his new wife, Lauren Swanson, have become part of this upsetting statistic. The couple revealed in a statement to TLC that they were pregnant about a few months ago and sadly miscarried early on.

The couple stood in a loving embrace as they announced the news. “A couple months ago, we found out that we were expecting, but suddenly thereafter, we lost our baby,” Swanson said.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar | Josiah Duggar via Instagram

Why did they reveal the news of their miscarriage?

People expect Duggar pregnancy announcements almost immediately after they get married. After all, their religion does not believe in birth control, and most family members get pregnant right away. That’s probably part of the reason Josiah and Lauren Duggar opened up about their family tragedy – they didn’t want to hear the pregnancy rumors from fans during a deeply difficult time.

But Lauren had another reason for choosing to share their very personal news with the world. As she explained in the statement, “Nobody really talks about it.” Rather than making people feel isolated, she wanted women who have experienced miscarriages to know she understood their pain. “We just wanted to let y’all know that you’re not alone,” Lauren said.

Here’s what Lauren said about the miscarriage

Understandably, Josiah and Lauren Duggar were devastated to learn her pregnancy was over almost as soon as it began. As he said, “It really was a hard time for our family going through this right after we got married. And all the dreams of getting to see our little one and hold it in our hands dashed before our eyes.”

A sneak peek of an upcoming Counting On episode revealed even more emotional confessions. “I couldn’t believe it, and I was hoping it wasn’t true,” Swanson says through tears. “It was the worst day of my life, really.”

Have any other Duggars experienced miscarriage?

Josh explains that Lauren’s mom, Mrs. Swanson, stepped up to help her daughter through this difficult time. But that’s not the only person who understands exactly what Lauren is going through. Josiah’s mom, Michelle Duggar, also experienced a miscarriage early on in her marriage. She also had a stillborn baby, Jubilee, in 2011. The family still honors her to this day on her birthday.

Anna Duggar has also admitted to having a miscarriage in the past. It seems inevitable that in a family as big as the Duggars, at least a few of the women would have experienced this devastating reality, even if they never chose to discuss it publicly.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar haven’t mentioned how soon they plan to start trying for another baby, but fans speculate that the won’t wait long. Any baby born post-miscarriage is typically referred to as a “rainbow baby.”

Hopefully, the young couple can experience hope and healing soon.