The Hilarious Reason Why People Think Kate Beckinsale Has a Fake Leg

 Kate Beckinsale has been making some controversial headlines recently. Her relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson made people talk. Beckinsale is 20 years his senior, and that’s not the first time she’s dated a younger man. But it’s not her romantic interests that are capturing headlines this time around. There’s a peculiar rumor that has people convinced that Beckinsale is sporting a fake leg.

Kate Beckinsale attends "Farming" New York Screening at Village East Cinema.
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Kate Beckinsale is no stranger to controversy

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Beckinsale dated another young comedian, Jack Rife, who is actually younger than Davidson. It seems they were together in 2017 when the comedian was around 21 years old.

Then she went out with Jack Whitehall, yet another younger comedian. Notice a trend? We do. Whitehall was 30 when he and Beckinsale were together, so even though he is older than her other boyfriends, he is still around 15 years younger than Beckinsale. 

Men date younger women all the time, and while that might have been more socially acceptable in the past, people are now just as likely to be suspicious of an older man dating a younger woman as an older woman dating a younger man. For example, Scott Disick is dating a younger model, Sofia Richie, and fans feel the age gap is indicative of his maturity level. People think that Richie and Disick get along so well because even though she’s a decade younger, he doesn’t really act his age. 

It could be that something similar is going on with Beckinsale. She seems mature and has raised a daughter with who she has a good relationship. She certainly doesn’t look her age, though, and now fans have found out that she’s much bendier than most 45-year-olds. 

Does Kate Beckinsale have a fake leg?

In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, the actress brought up a rumor that’s been going around about her after a recent Instagram post. The post that everyone is talking about has nothing to do with her controversial relationship history. It’s a video of her working out with her personal trainer. 

In the video, her trainer is helping her stretch by pushing her leg forward. It goes farther forward than most people think is humanly possible. He then moves her leg to the side, and it’s the same thing. Fans are so flabbergasted by her flexibility that people are saying she has a fake leg. 

Beckinsale’s mother was the first one to hear the gossip. Beckinsale revealed: “My mum texted me and said that in England people think I’ve got a fake leg, I’m quite flexible, so now there’s a thought that possibly I’ve got a rubber leg or a pretend leg.”

Why is Kate Beckinsale so flexible?

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Beckinsale told Fallon that the reason she’s so flexible is that she took ballet when she was younger. Apparently she’s pretty amused by the rumor. 

“I’ve always been like that,” she told the late-night host. “I did a lot of ballet when I was a kid and now I can cause worry about a fake leg. That’s really all I’ve got.”

Obviously, Beckinsale has a lot more going for her than just that. She’s a successful actress and a wonderful mother. She’s a veteran of Hollywood at this point.

It really is impressive how flexible Beckinsale is. She’s not afraid to show it off either, and she shouldn’t be. People half her age can’t do what she can do with her (very real) legs.