The Hilarious Voicemail Recording Prince Harry Set Up For Queen Elizabeth When She Got Her First Cellphone

Prince Harry definitely has a funny side — we all know that. The members of the royal family are known for being extremely formal, and when he is tending to his official royal duties, Prince Harry devotes his full attention to his work.

However, this most definitely does not mean that the prince does not enjoy having a bit of fun. According to Insider, Prince Harry is certainly the jokester of the royal family. He knows exactly how to have a good time, whether he is at an event or engagement, or just hanging out with family and friends having fun.

Ever since Prince Harry was a child, we could always count on seeing him do silly things such as sticking his tongue out at photographers, and kidding around with fans whenever the opportunity arises. As it turns out, Prince Harry’s humor does not stop there. He even likes to amuse his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. So, what was the hilarious voicemail recording that Prince Harry set up for the queen when she got her very first cell phone?

Prince Harry and his grandmother have an excellent relationship

Prince Harry
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To the rest of the world, she may be Queen Elizabeth, but to Prince Harry, she is simply “granny.” The queen knows better than anyone that being a member of the royal family is by far not an easy thing for anyone since she herself has always been in the spotlight.

With that, she has always gone out of her way to support her grandson, Prince Harry, and their relationship has grown extremely close over the years. According to The Frisky, she has always been there during Prince Harry’s life: during both the good and bad times.

The queen was there to comfort Prince Harry after the death of Princess Diana and has always cheered him on in everything that he has done. They have a wonderful relationship and a bond that can’t be broken.

The queen welcomed Meghan Markle with open arms

Marrying into one of the world’s most famous families is an honor that not many people get to experience. And as spectacular as it may seem, it is very stressful as well. One of the most important milestones for a royal in a serious relationship is when he or she introduces a significant other to the queen. Having her approval is crucial since for royal family members such as Prince Harry, her permission is needed in order to get married.

Markle only had one chance to make a first impression on the queen. And although we weren’t there to see how things went down, it seems that she did something right. Radar Online reports that Queen Elizabeth was very welcoming of Markle, and has done everything possible to ensure that she is comfortable and happy in her new role as the Duchess of Sussex. 

What is the hilarious voicemail recording that Prince Harry set up for Queen Elizabeth when she got her first cell phone?

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It is difficult to imagine that not long ago, there was a time when not even the queen had a cell phone. Although she probably uses hers more for business than pleasure, having a phone to carry around is still a huge convenience.

However, having grown up and spent most of her adulthood in a time when technology wasn’t nearly as prevalent as it is now, her majesty needed a little help setting up her first voicemail recording. Rather than call on an assistant, she delegated the task to Prince Harry, who made sure that his grandmother’s outgoing message was anything but boring.

What exactly did he record? According to Fox News, those dialing the queen’s number could expect to hear: “Hey Wazzup! This is Liz. Sorry, I’m away from the throne.”

Although the queen was said to have been horrified when she heard this, it has been said that she actually has a great sense of humor herself. Surely, she can now look back and see how funny it actually was.