‘The Hills’: Did Kristin Cavallari Just Admit That The Show Was Fake?

In case you haven’t heard, The Hills is coming back! All of the drama and makeups and breakups that we loved will be back on our television screens in no time.

But the news of a Hills reboot has caused some of the former cast members to come clean about a number of things from the show’s first go around. The biggest skeleton that keeps trying to come out of the closet is whether the show was real or not.

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Which parts of the show were fake?

Fans of The Hills know the infamous scene at the end of the first season where Lauren Conrad decides not to go to Paris for an internship with Teen Vogue and gets dubbed “the girl who didn’t go to Paris.” Instead of going on the trip, she stayed in LA to hang out with her boyfriend, Jason Wahler. When Conrad dropped out, Whitney Port supposedly went on the trip instead.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Port revealed that the famous trip to Paris never even happened.

“That was so ridiculous,” Whitney told the outlet. “It wasn’t an ideal situation, but I thought, okay, this is good for me because I really was pursuing a career in fashion. I thought it showed that I was down and determined to do this. It was very Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs [from the Devil Wears Prada]’.

“I got dressed up in an airport look and went for it,” she said.

The trip never even happened and Port actually just went home after filming her departure scene at the airport.

What does Kristin Cavallari have to say about the show?

Kristin Cavallari has been speaking out about the validity or lack thereof of The Hills for years and is excited to finally have some backup.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, a caller asked Cavallari what she had to say about Port’s claim that the Paris trip never happened.

“I’ve never heard that, but I can tell you, most of my stuff wasn’t real,” she said. “So I’m gonna take that road and say maybe it’s true. I’m just happy that more people are finally coming out saying that stuff isn’t real because for the longest time it was just me.”

The Hills Reboot

Whether the show is real or not, it will be coming back to our TV screens this summer under the title The Hills: New Beginnings. The show will feature some of the original cast like Port, Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt, Stephanie Pratt, and Audrina Patridge. In addition to the old cast, actress Mischa Barton and Brandon Thomas Lee, the son of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, will also be joining the cast.

For some cast members, like Stephanie Pratt, this reboot couldn’t have come at a better time.

“If this new show hadn’t happened, it would have been 10, 11, 20 more years of not seeing or speaking to my brother,” Stephanie told Vogue. “The reboot is a miracle.”

For others, like Cavallari, the timing just isn’t right.

“I can’t because of Very Cavallari,” Cavallari told Entertainment Tonight of possibly being on the reboot. “But, I mean… I would love to be a part of it in a small way.”

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