‘The Hills’: Does Jason Wahler Still Talk to Lauren Conrad?

The Hills has come back in full force. Many of our favorite California residents returned to television in The Hills: New Beginnings to let us in on all the drama that had been happening since the show last filmed.

When the show first premiered, fans were eager to catch up with the cast and also to see where past relationships had ended up. One of the most riveting relationships on the first rendition of The Hills was the one between Lauren Conrad and her on-again/ off-again boyfriend, Jason Wahler. The two had dated briefly on Laguna Beach and then Wahler popped up on The Hills and Conrad just couldn’t stay away. She even missed taking an internship in Paris in order to stay with him.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t work out, but fans have always wondered what happened to Conrad and Wahler in the years between The Hills and its revival.

Wahler got sober

If you remember Wahler from Laguna Beach, then you probably know him as a pretty bad guy. He was a horrible boyfriend to almost everyone that he dated, cheating on each of his girlfriends and pitting them against one another.

But apparently, his selfish ways came from a bigger root issue than any viewer could have imagined.

“I’m not proud of it, but 10 to 12 years ago I was the drunk, womanizing alcoholic,” Wahler told E!’s Just the Sip. “I was very lost.”

“After we shot Laguna Beach going into season one of The Hills is when my addiction took full force,” he continued. “Drugs and alcohol were my solution.”

His addiction got so bad that he even considered taking his life.

“The depths of my addiction took me to not contemplation, but attempting suicide,” he said. “I got to a really, really dark place.”

It was then that he knew he needed help.

Wahler reached out to Conrad

When Wahler joined a program to get clean, they encouraged him to face his past.

“Part of the process of recovery and living your life sober is making amends and I made amends to Lauren,” Wahler said.

“It’s freeing. When you can take ownership of your actions and let people know you truly want to make things right and you apologize and you take the actions to fix what you did, it feels good.”

And now the former playboy is much happier.

“I’ve definitely transformed,” he continued. “I’m happy to be able to say that. I’m content in my own skin. I can sit here and look you in the eye and I’m comfortable, I’m confident, I’m happy. I’ve got a great group of people around me.”

Wahler and Conrad’s lives now

Though Wahler claims that he and Conrad made amends, the two did not get back together.

In 2013, Wahler married his wife Ashley and in 2017, they had their first child together, Delilah Ray.

Conrad has also found love. In 2012, she began dating William Tell and the two were married on Sep. 13, 2014. They had their first child, Liam James in 2017 and are currently expecting their second.

So, it looks like all is well that ends well.