‘The Hills: New Beginnings’: Are Spencer and Stephanie Pratt Still Feuding?

The relationship between siblings can be a very peculiar thing. On one hand, siblings can be the closest of friends, after all no one knows a person better than their siblings. But on the other hand, no one can get under a person’s skin like their siblings.

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Spencer and Stephanie Pratt have had a very strained relationship since the first version of The Hills was on television. The two have never spoken about what exactly it is that they have been feuding about but it’s evident that the siblings haven’t been on good terms for years.

Stephanie even revealed on her Pratt Cast podcast that the drama between her and her brother has put her in the hospital before.

“When I first got here, I was seeing them for the first time after they just [done that],” she said of seeing her brother while filming for the show. “I’m trying to reconnect because it’s been like eight years of being estranged and you’ll see that kind of happen, and then you might see us get on or you might just see us literally go to hell.”

But now with The Hills: New Beginnings, the two will once again be on the same cast and therefore forced to speak to one another. So, over the course of filming, have they been able to make amends with one another?

Are Spencer and Stephanie still feuding?

At the premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings in L.A., Stephanie and Spencer each spoke to Entertainment Tonight about their relationship.

“Tonight is really uncomfortable for me,” Stephanie told the outlet.

“I just haven’t seen my [brother Spencer and Heidi],” she continued. “This might be the first time I see them. The show is just the biggest part of my life right now because it’s all so real and every aspect of me is on it.”

Spencer, on the other hand, claimed that he and his sister were just fine.

 “I have no issues with anyone,” he told the outlet.

“We have nothing but love for her,” his wife, Heidi Montag, added.

“And we never did,” Spencer said. “You will see that on the show.”

How is their feud portrayed on the show?

Both Spencer and Stephanie have alluded to their feud playing out on the show. But does it really tell both sides of the story or does it make one of them look better than the other?

“I think everyone is a villain at some point in a series,” Stephanie told ET.

“I’ve been living in London and everyone is no bulls**t. It’s not like LA,” she continued. “In London, when you have a problem, you go up to that person and you don’t just like allow bulls**t and lies and you call people out. So I do that a lot.”

“So I might be the villain,” she added. “I mean, I fight with a lot of people.”

The Hills: New Beginnings will premiere on MTV on June 24th at 10 p.m. ET