‘The Hills’: The Reason a Cast Member Has Already Quit the Show

The Hills are alive with the sound of drama. But would you have it any other way?

When The Hills: New Beginnings started, fans of The Hills were excited to see how their favorite cast members’ lives had progressed since we saw them last. And while they all may have gotten older, they haven’t necessarily gotten any wiser. The only difference is that now they have to take time off from stirring up drama to take care of their kids.

One of the relationships that people were most excited to see again was Spencer Pratt and Stephanie Pratt’s.

At the end of the first rendition of The Hills, the siblings weren’t even on speaking terms, but fans hoped that time had healed that relationship.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Stephanie quits the show

While this season of The Hills is just getting started, Stephanie recently announced that she wouldn’t be returning to the show next season. Instead, she left California completely and went back to London.

“Drama follows me lolz,” she recently wrote on Instagram. “I’m drained from this year. So happy to be back home in London, where evil siblings don’t exist… but instead the MOST lovely people in the world- you guys are my family these days. I am so grateful, it makes my heart hurt. Thank you for making me feel like I belong somewhere. (Spencer often screamed that everyone hates me, is fake nice to me and to go back to London because no one wants me here).”

She went on to bash her brother’s wife, Heidi Montag.

“Omg and Heidi- I have no words for how evil you truly are- you had no choice to admit all of the lies you’ve been spewing about me was for a magazine cover and for real WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU DID 10 years ago. You awful human being- and to your BEST FRIEND? You are truly a hideous person. No wonder you don’t have 1 friend (your nanny doesn’t count- you pay her).”

Why did Stephanie quit the show?

If you watched any of The Hills, it was very apparent that Stephanie was having trouble getting along with the rest of the cast. One person who she really clashed with was Audrina Patridge, who insisted that Stephanie hooked up with her ex, Justin Brescia.

“@justinbobbybrescia you were my rock the entire series- I love you & thank you. PS: spoiler alert… we NEVER hooked up. Audrina is crazy. Like you dated this guy ten years ago… you married someone else & have a child with him! And as if you liked Justin!! You were dating someone off camera!! (the guy u went on a blind date with the night after the festival)! No one plays a better victim than you. (OMG you actually should go into acting)!!! Ughhh and all the months you spent trying to get all of the girls against me… I mean that’s Speidi’s job!!!”

The drama on the show got so bad for Stephanie that she couldn’t even watch some of the episodes when they aired.

“Truth: I did not watch last night’s episode Bc I didn’t want to re-live my ‘friend’ attacking my character & making up lies about me when I have ALWAYS been a good friend to you. (You should watch the original ‘Hills’ for a memory refresher) I am still utterly shocked & hurt you did this to me for camera time. I will always be honest, I’ve been on reality tv for 11 years straight… I can’t be anything except straight up REAL. I have no interest in being fake, pretending my life is perfect. That was my #PrattCast recap LOL.”

With all of that drama going on behind the scenes, Stephanie may have made the right decision by leaving.