The Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, & Doctor Strange Will Be the Dads of the MCU

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, the superhero soiree we have come to know and love lost two of its most celebrated saviors — Captain America and Iron Man. Tony Stark’s sacrifice was heartwrenching yet narratively satisfying, as it was the perfect culmination to a decade-long character arc.

MCU Phase 4
MCU Phase 4 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Captain America’s bittersweet relinquishing of the mantle faced mixed reviews, as some audience members felt Bucky deserved the honor. However, the decision was no less impactful. With Captain America and Tony Stark gone, the MCU has lost two significant father figures. Stark was Spidey’s mentor, yet he let the quick-tongued, geeky Parker into his heart, and took him in as his own. Rogers was the righteous man, filled to the brim with dignity, always leading the Avengers into the light, following the path morality carved out. 

While Captain Marvel may take the reigns as the leader of the A-Force, and Spider-Man is rumored to become the next head honcho to the Avengers, the MCU will still be missing dads — the guys with the corny jokes and words of encouragement when need be. And, based on the evidence, it looks like three Avengers will be stepping up to the plate. 

Professor Hulk’s role in ‘She-Hulk’ and beyond

Fans already know that Bruce Banner’s Hulk will play a role in the Disney+ series She-Hulk; he will likely aid in his cousin’s transition from human to superhero, for in the comics, Jennifer Walters becomes She-Hulk as a result of a blood transfusion administered by Banner. 

As Professor Hulk, he will be able to offer brawn and brains simultaneously; he can help the Avengers in combat while providing advice and mentorship along the way. He will likely serve to introduce Jennifer Walter’s to the team at large (prepping her for a role in A-Force), and he will presumably act as a thread between the old team and the new team. 

With many of the original saviors looking to exit, and another film still left in Ruffalo’s contract, a wise-old owl role seems to be on the horizon. Maybe, in the next installment, they will add a little more salt to his hair. 

Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) to become Peter Parker’s new mentor 

While no one could ever replace the legendary Tony Stark, rumor has it that when Reed Richards enters the MCU, he will become Peter Parker’s new mentor. However, unlike the father-son dynamic inherent to Stark and Parker’s dynamic, this relationship will be a bit more professor-pupil oriented. 

It’s likely that Parker will turn to Richards — another well-informed and highly educated scientist — in times of doubt, as he would have turned to Stark. And, unlike when he relied on Mysterio, he will be able to trust Mr. Fantastic, and the two will develop a unique bond over time. Richards may not replace Stark, but he may act as a stand-in as Parker becomes an adult hero — battling with his recently revealed identity.

The relationship bound to ensue between Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch 

Many believe that the WandaVision series will emulate the House of M comic book series, in which Wanda fractures reality to return her family to the world of the living. If this is the case, Doctor Strange will likely have to mend the broken world she creates; however, in doing so, he must help Wanda cope with the psychological trauma she has faced. 

Doctor Strange, boasting a skill set similar to Scarlet Witch, may come to represent a strong ally, and someone Wanda can rely on. Also, he will likely need to save her — becoming a shoulder to cry on and a set of ears willing to listen (which may be a struggle for the analytical man) — to save the world.