‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ Shows You How to Easily Make an Inexpensive Halloween Costume of the TV Vet: Here’s How

Now in its 17th season, Nat Geo Wild’s hit reality series The Incredible Dr. Pol boasts fans from many countries and a wide range of ages.

Especially popular with young viewers, Dr. Pol has become something of a celebrity. With that in mind, here’s how fans can express their ultimate love for the Michigan vet by donning a Dr. Pol costume for Halloween.

It’s entirely doable and not expensive. Here’s how you can dress up as Dr. Pol this Halloween!

Dr. Jan Pol of 'The Incredible Dr. Pol'
Dr. Jan Pol of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Dr. Pol’s creepy and spooky collection

It’s surprising to learn that the upbeat and affable Dr. Pol keeps a growing collection of animal skulls. The Netherlands-born veterinarian in 2018 shared with Watchable his fascinating collection of skulls. Varying in size and in condition, the artifacts clearly have captured Dr. Pol’s interest.

While it may seem unpleasant, Dr. Pol’s interest in the bones is the science behind them, their design and structure.

“Here we go to the museum. Don’t get grossed out,” he said. “This is a collection. But it’s a very small part of my collection already. These are all skulls. The skulls are so amazingly put together. This is why I like skulls, because they’re beautiful.”

How to dress like Dr. Pol this Halloween

Now you can dress like Dr. Jan Pol of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ this Halloween. Here’s how!

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Want to dress like the incredible animal doctor himself for Halloween? Dr. Pol’s social media thought you might, and posted this week saying, “Jeepers! Did you forget that #Halloween is right around the corner? You can easily create your own #DrPol costume by getting creative and using items that you have around your house. Check out our blog for all the details!”

It’s pretty simple, and here’s how!

On the doc’s web page, step-by-step instructions are offered for creating a costume of Dr. Pol.

Going top to bottom, first the site says, “make a bald cap out of flesh-colored tights to achieve Doc’s signature dome.” Yarn is recommended for perfecting Dr. Pol’s mustache.

To make Dr. Pol’s uniform, “a collared shirt and a pair of blue jeans” are called for, “if you’re working a clinic shift.” Coveralls are an even better choice if your trick-or-treaters want to resemble the doctor on a farm call.

If possible, a pair of black glasses perched on the head perfect the doc’s face.

You’ve got the costume down, now all you need is the Doc’s equipment

Now for the props: carry a bucket like Dr. Pol “to carry your tools or soap and water for washing up.” Again, for the farm call look, the costume calls for one rubber glove for inspecting birthing cows or horses.

Finally, a stuffed animal completes this easy costume. As the website notes, it doesn’t matter which species the stuffed animal is, because “after all, Doc’s favorite animal is a healthy animal!”

And be sure to post your photos on social media using the #DrPol hashtag so you can share your look with other The Incredible Dr. Pol fans.