Diplo Hacked The Jonas Brothers’ Instagram Account and They Aren’t Happy About It

It’s never a fun time when a person’s social media account gets hacked.

One second, you have complete control over the content you choose to share with your loyal followers then in the blink of an eye, someone takes that power away from you.

The Jonas Brothers
Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas | Efren Landaos/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

While this can happen to anyone, celebrities are the ones who deal with this the most, which can get very frustrating.

So, we can all guess the amount of annoyance The Jonas Brothers felt after finding out that their Instagram had been taken over by the one and only Diplo.

Getting hacked was funny to them at first, now they want their account back

The Jonas Brothers and Diplo definitely have an interesting friendship, but the famous DJ’s latest stunt could have compromise their bond.

On September 25, many fans were left confused when a topless picture of the DJ, alongside a caption about giving free promo to Calvin Klein, was uploaded to the band’s Instagram.

After that, more photos referencing Diplo and poking fun at the singers continued to pop up on the band’s account.

It wasn’t until a fourth photo was uploaded that the singers realized their account had been compromised by the DJ.

In addition to Diplo sharing some very interesting snapshots of himself, he also used his newfound control to poke fun at the JoBros.

Although the DJ continued to share photos and videos playfully mocking the band, they eventually responded to his unexpected takeover in the comments and didn’t sound too happy with him.

“WTF @diplo. It was funny for like one post but we’ve got a show tonight and need the account back…” Kevin Jonas wrote from his own account in the comments.

“Bro you changed the password,” Joe wrote under one pic while Nick commented, “Seriously call me @diplo this isn’t funny.”

Though many were confused as to how the DJ was able to take over The Jonas Brother’s Instagram, he soon confessed that a certain member of the band gave him the password.

In an Instagram Story post, Diplo claimed that Joe was the one who handed over the password, a claim the 30-year-old singer denied on his own Story, writing, “Chill fam.”

While The Jonas Brothers didn’t seem to enjoy Diplo’s takeover, it turns out that the DJ hacked the band’s Instagram account for a very special reason.

The hack was leading up to a their very first collaboration

Although many of us thought that Diplo only hacked the Jonas Brother’s Instagram account to poke fun at them, that wasn’t the only reason why he did it.

All of the online ridicule was leading up to the JoBros and Diplo’s country collaboration, which was just released.

Their latest single “Lonely” is the very first song the Jonas Brothers and Diplo have collaborated on.

This also marks one of the first songs Diplo has released since the launch of his new country project under his birth name, Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr., which he announced back in April.

It is safe to assume that the band has since gotten back control of their Instagram account seeing as though they shared a video teasing their new collaboration along with the caption, “lonely. 12am et.”

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lonely 9pm pt/12am et

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Although their account is no longer under the DJ’s control, he still found a way to continue trolling the band in their music video.

The video follows Diplo as he persistently attempts to contact Joe Jonas and apologize for ruining his and Sophie Turner’s Las Vegas wedding after live-streaming it earlier this year.

While it still remains unclear if this whole hacking situation was actually planned or not, at least fun collaboration has come out of all of this!