The Jonas Brothers Help A Man Propose To His Girlfriend At Their Raleigh Show

The Jonas Brothers just launched the worldwide tour of their album, Happiness Begins. After a six-year-long hiatus, the brothers reunited in February 2019. Happiness Begins is the fifth album released by the band and is a commercial success. The new album covers several genres of music, but features love songs describing the band members’ relationships with their wives.

Because all of the men are known for their unconditional love of their families, it should come as no surprise they helped a man propose to his girlfriend. At the group’s show in Raleigh, North Carolina on Aug. 14, the Jonas Brothers helped an audience member pull off the perfect surprise proposal.

The Jonas Brothers Concert
The Jonas Brothers | (Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

The surprise proposal took place onstage at the Jonas Brothers’ concert

Towards the end of the show, the group performed a bit where they picked audience members to step onstage. To the rest of the fans in attendance, it seemed like they selected a random woman and invited her onstage. They hugged the fan and asked who came with her to the concert. When she answered that she attended with her boyfriend, the Jonas Brothers called his name. Except he was nowhere to be found. 

“Oh, there you are,” said Joe Jonas. Then the woman’s boyfriend appeared from backstage and walked over to her with a ring box. After he proposed and the fan accepted, the Jonas Brothers broke out into cheers with the rest of the crowded arena. The Jonas Brothers brought out champagne onstage, so the couple’s first few minutes as an engaged couple was spent drinking champagne with the Jonas Brothers. Not too shabby. Fans at the concert captured the moment and uploaded it to social media, making the proposal go viral.

Sophie Turner surprised Joe Jonas onstage for his birthday

A day after the proposal in Raleigh, the Jonas Brothers performed in Washington D.C. on Aug. 15. That day Joe Jonas turned 30 years old. While fans in Raleigh witnessed a proposal, fans in Washington D.C. took part in a birthday celebration. Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas appeared onstage with a birthday cake, and the arena sang “Happy Birthday” to the middle brother. Joe then blew out the candles and face planted into the cake. He later posted a video of the moment to his Instagram.

The Jonas Brothers’ tour combines nostalgia with their new music

The Jonas Brothers first formed in 2005 before going on an indefinite hiatus in 2013. The group came back together in 2019. Over the years, the brothers worked on solo projects and moved on in their personal lives. Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle had two daughters, while Nick and Joe Jonas each married. The setlist and production of the show combines the nostalgia of the band’s early years with the current state of the band.

Family is still at the center. Their wives attend their shows and Kevin’s children appear in the videos that play in between songs. The group’s throwback hits are interspersed with songs from their new album, perfectly balancing their old and new sound.