‘The Last Kingdom’: How Do Fans Feel About Father Beocca?

The Last Kingdom is an excellent show based on the novel series written by Bernard Cornwell. Father Beocca (Ian Hart) is first introduced as a priest in Ealdorman Uhtred’s household. He even rebaptizes Uhtred when they change his name from Osbert. After many years have gone by, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) sees Beocca again in Wessex, where he told him he’d be waiting for him so many years before. So, how do fans really feel about Beocca? Read on to find out more.

Fans weigh in on Beocca

Ian Hart
Ian Hart | Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images

Many viewers seem to love Beocca for the unique character he is. He has morals and refuses to put them aside for anything. He’s considered a favorite among numerous fans.

“Beocca is the best character,” a Reddit user wrote. “I don’t think anything more needs to be said. He is such an amazing intermediary and has amazing morals as well as showing amazing humanity. He is the best.”

Fans don’t want Beocca to ever be killed off the series. His fan following is loyal to the core. “Couldn’t agree more,” another user agreed. “I’m gonna riot if he ever gets killed off. And I love the scenes where him and Uhtred reunite.”

Beocca is a warrior

Beocca is so much more than a holy man. He’s also a fierce warrior willing to die for his beliefs wholeheartedly. He is fearless and brave when he needs to be and he isn’t afraid to do what must be done.

“This 50 year old man charged into battle with no armor or shield, wielding nothing but an axe and his holy fury,” a Reddit user correctly deduced.

Beocca is a unique character

People can’t stop talking about Beocca. He’s got some great qualities that fans definitely admire. He doesn’t hesitate when a fight is happening and he’s willing to risk his life if he needs to.

“There’s no other character that makes me laugh and be proud of him at the same time in this show,” another Reddit user wrote. “The man is loyal, he’s brave, smart, he’s all the bad*** of a Viking contained in a Christian body and mind. Since he went to war, he seems a little more outgoing and aggressive, does not hesitate to fight, he’s just the man.”

Beocca is unlike any other character on the series. He’s fiercely loyal and willing to do whatever he has to. “To me, he’s really authentic,” another user said. “He’s consistent and passionate in his beliefs but unlike many other priests on the show, he isn’t blinded by them.”

Beocca’s relationship with Thyra is authentic

Some fans love the dynamic between Beocca and Thyra (Julia Bache-Wiig), who he goes on to marry. When he thinks he lost her and then sees her again, it’s an emotional and gut-wrenching moment that fans are still reeling from. It’ll definitely make you tear up.

“Of all the times I cried during the show, I cried the hardest when he found Thyra after Æthelflæd was kidnapped and Beocca thought she was dead. Such a phenomenal actor,” another Reddit user explained.

Fans have spoken and they seem to be extremely fond of Father Beocca. He’s a unique character on The Last Kingdom that makes the show that much more watchable.