‘The Last Kingdom’: The 1 Heartbreaking Moment That Changes Uhtred Forever

The Last Kingdom has some pretty shocking and heartbreaking moments that have changed the characters on the series forever. One of those shapes Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) into the man he becomes. Read on to learn what that defining moment really is.

Uhtred son of Uhtred

Alexander Dreymon
Alexander Dreymon | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Uhtred is first introduced to viewers as just a young boy named Osbert. After his older brother’s death, he becomes the heir to his father’s lands in Bebbanburg and it seems like his future is bright. However, he quickly transitions from Saxon to Dane and then further still from a slave to a son of Ragnar (Peter Gantzler) when he is captured against his will.

Thyra is assaulted and Uhtred defends her

An event occurs which helps move things along. Thyra, who becomes Uhtred’s sister, is out playing in the woods as a child along with Brida and Uhtred. They meet Sven Kjartansson, who is the son of Kjartan (Alexandre Willaume), Ragnar’s shipmaster. Sven rips Thyra’s dress, exposing her. Uhtred isn’t having any of that and knocks him to the ground to defend her.

When Ragnar learns about what’s happened, he goes to Kjartan and blinds Sven in one eye for what he does. Ragnar also banishes them from off of his lands. This has a lot to do with how Ragnar will die years later, as Kjartan plans his revenge for a long time.

The moment that changes Uhtred forever

Ragnar, along with his blind father, Ravn (Rutger Hauer), raise Uhtred into a man and as part of the family. Things don’t stay quiet for long though. On the night before Uhtred’s sister Thyra’s (Julia Bache-Wiig), wedding, Kjartan, who still holds a grudge against the family and Ragnar specifically, along with his son Sven (Ole Christoffer Ertvaag), swoop in. They’ve allied themselves with Ælfric of Bebbanburg (Joseph Millson), who is Uhtred’s actual uncle who wants him killed.

Ragnar’s home is set ablaze with most of them trapped inside. Ragnar’s wife and father die inside. Ragnar fights until the very end and comes out on fire swinging his sword. Uhtred sees his adoptive father fight with his last breaths and it’s truly chilling to watch. He dies and Uhtred looks on, powerless to do anything in the moment. However, Uhtred doesn’t yet know that Thyra is still alive and being held prisoner.

Uhtred begins his journey to clear his name and get revenge

Uhtred then must start his journey of reclaiming his good name since it’s learned he’s the one blamed for the devastation that falls on his adoptive family. Eventually, he finds Ragnar the Younger (Tobias Santelmann) and is able to tell him the real way things went down.

The death of Uhtred’s adoptive family is something he always carries with him long after the event occurs. Ragnar and his family showed Uhtred kindness he had never really known before and it forever shapes his life going forward. He appears to have one foot in with the Danes, and one with the Saxons. Throughout the years, he struggles inwardly to find where he really fits in.