The Last Thing Queen Elizabeth Needs From Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the Royal Family Is More Drama

The last thing Queen Elizabeth wants to see is more family drama. As the head of one of the most talked-about families in the world, the queen has every reason to care about her reputation. She’s worked hard building a legacy that will last forever. But no matter how much she hates it, scandal seems to plague her family and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Royal family
Royal family | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Now that the queen is in her nineties, she’s probably thinking about the future of the British monarchy just like the rest of us. Based on comments she’s made in the past, there’s no way she’s happy about all the current issues going on with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince Andrew, and all the rest of her family members.

This hasn’t been Queen Elizabeth’s worst year

While 2019 has featured plenty of scandals, it still doesn’t compare to 1992, which the queen once described as an “Annus Horribilis” (that’s Latin for “horrible year”).

During that wretched time, her son Prince Andrew separated from his wife Sarah Ferguson, her daughter Princess Anne divorced Captain Mark Phillips, her nephew passed away, Princess Diana’s tell-all book was published, Fergie’s toe-sucking incident happened, there was a fire at Windsor Castle, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana separated.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

It took a lot for the royal family to recover from all that heartache and in some ways, they’re still not fully redeemed from everything that occured. But thanks to her hard work, Queen Elizabeth has managed to rebuild the royal family’s reputation even as her family members keep making mistakes.

The Queen understands how the royal family should act

One benefit to serving as the reigning monarch for more than 65 years is the ability to create lasting traditions. No one can deny the impact that Queen Elizabeth has made on the monarchy, including modernizing many aspects and creating a real sense of goodwill.

One reason the queen was able to do this is she always understood the role she played in the citizen’s lives. Queen Elizabeth is one of the best-loved royals because she knows just what to share and what to keep private. She’s always humble, has a keen sense of humor, and reportedly acts in a truly down-to-earth manner despite her elevated status.

That’s why it’s probably so difficult to see so many scandals going on now. After decades of carefully cultivating an image of the royal family, it will only take a short time to undo all the hard work the queen has put in. And that must be so devastating for her to realize.

There’s still hope for saving the royal family legacy

Even though critics are railing against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for acting hypocritical, questioning Prince Andrew’s integrity, and wondering if Prince William really did cheat on Kate Middleton, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for the British royal family.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

One way the royal family avoids scandal is by ignoring most of the vicious rumors and discrediting them through silence. So far they’ve made no comments on the cheating scandal or the private jet incident. This is the same tactic they’ve used for other potential scandals over the years.

The queen sets an example for the entire family and in the end, there is no way for her to control how everyone behaves. But if she continues to show them all the right way, hopefully her future descendants will think of her example and keep feelings about the British monarchy strong even after Queen Elizabeth is gone.