‘The Lego Movie’ Directors Will Take on Time Travel Next

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

After taking on the apocalypse in Fox’s The Last Man on Earth, Phil Miller and Chris Lord are returning to the network to tackle time travel. The 22 Jump Street and Lego Movie duo, who are currently two of the busiest guys in Hollywood, have reportedly signed on to develop the channel’s upcoming time travel sitcom, In Time.

According to Deadline, Fox has given a put pilot commitment to In Time (not to be confused with the 2011 Justin Timberlake movie of the same name). Similarly to The Last Man on Earth, the series will center on an ordinary bunch of people placed in extraordinary circumstances. It will follow three friends whose boring lives get turned upside down when they are granted the ability to travel through time.

The project will reportedly team Lord and Miller with Julius Sharpe, who previously worked on Family Guy and is currently writing for Fox’s freshman comedy, The Grinder. While the duo will oversee and executive produce the developing series, Sharpe will head up the show’s writing team and will also serve as co-executive producer.

News of the sitcom conveniently came just as much of the world was celebrating Back to the Future Day. Though the show doesn’t have any connection to the classic film, it looks like Fox is taking full advantage of the, uh, timely subject and jumping on the time travel bandwagon. Should the series eventually move forward (and the chances seem strong, given the network’s put pilot commitment), viewers can probably expect it to drop a good DeLorean reference or two.

For Lord and Miller, In Time marks only the latest project the two have added to their already insanely busy schedule. The duo continues to serve as producers on The Last Man on Earth, which kicked off its second season in September.

The two also have a third series for Fox currently in the works, entitled Son of Zorn. As revealed in July, Lord and Miller are developing a new “live-action/animation hybrid” series for the channel, which will reportedly star Jason Sudeikis.

Most recently, the pair — who have proven themselves to be master adapters with the Jump Street and Lego Movie franchises — also revealed plans to translate the hugely popular podcast, Serial, into a TV show. That project, announced in early October, will reportedly chronicle the behind-the-scenes experience of putting together the podcast that became a cultural phenomenon.

As if all those TV projects weren’t enough to keep anyone busy, Lord and Miller also have a slew of feature film projects on their hands, including more Lego-centric films, the upcoming The Flash film, and a third Jump Street film (the latter of which they are reportedly only producing, not directing again). Oh, and the two also have another movie project in the works you may have head of: the developing Star Wars prequel centering on a young Han Solo, which they are set to direct and produce.

How the pair manages to juggle their endless list of projects is anyone’s guess. Still, it’s no surprise that Lord and Miller have become so in-demand, following the commercial and critical success of both of their already established franchises, Jump Street and The Lego Movie. The first season of The Last Man on Earth also earned widely positive reviews. Whether In Time will prove to be another Fox hit for the pair remains to be seen, but given their background in the comic book/sci-fi worlds, the two seem well equipped to handle a little time travel.

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