‘The Lion King 2019’: Did John Oliver Get to Work With Beyonce?

The children of the late 1980s and early 1990s nearly had nostalgic-induced heart attacks when they learned that The Lion King was going to be one of the next favorite classic childhood animations brought back to life in live action. Now, the time is nearing close that Lion King 2019 will be in theaters … and our guess is there will be more people in their 20s and 30s than there will be children opening weekend.

With the July 19th release date right around the corner, fans are eager for any news they can get about the all-star cast. Of course, Beyonce is one of the stars with the highest priority on the gossip circuits. A recent interview with John Oliver on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen had a fan asking whether the British star got to actually work with Queen Bey. Oliver, who will be portraying the voice of Zazu, had some interesting (and funny) insight.

John Oliver never met Beyonce

When asked if he had gotten to work with Beyonce, John Oliver chuckled and stated that everyone should know he’s “not allowed to be within two thousand miles of Beyonce.” This, of course, was a joke. But the actor went on to expand upon his statement, explaining that the actors went in and worked on their parts at different times, so he “never met or interacted” with Beyonce Knowles.

Knowles will be doing the voice of adult Nala, opposite Donald Glover as an adult Simba. Their younger counterparts from the beginning of the movie will be voiced by Shahadi Wright Joseph and JD McCrary, respectively. 

Oliver jokes that he’s ‘technically on a Beyonce album’

Despite having stated he’s never even met Bey, John Oliver did jest in good spirit that he’s “technically on a Beyonce album.” This is because both of them perform on the well-remembered music track I Just Can’t Wait to Be King, which appears early in the movie.

If fans remember, this is the scene where Nala and Simba are trying to outsmart Zazu so they can go to the elephant graveyard. The song is an optimistic and decidedly narcissistic melody about a young boy who really doesn’t understand yet what it means to be king – and Zazu, the sarcastically witty hornbill, is trying to give the young lion prince a reality check. 

John Oliver answers questions about a Beyonce and Elton John collaboration

When fans caught wind the legendary Elton John would be collaborating with Beyonce for one of the tracks on Lion King 2019, they were ecstatic to say the least. As with all great things, rumors began circulating they might be working on other songs together – either for the new movie, or as a separate project. 

When a fan asked John Oliver if it was true that Beyonce and Elton John were working on more music together, the British actor took his usual jesting route. He told the audience that he didn’t know, so he was just going to say yes. 

Whether Beyonce and Elton John are working on new music together, fans of the original The Lion King will be happy to know that the latter confirmed there will be four of the original tracks redone for Lion King 2019. This includes I Just Can’t Wait to Be King, Circle of Life, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and Hakuna Matata

The song that Elton John and Beyonce are working on together is supposedly an original, and it was stated the song will close out the movie. Whether this means the song will role on the credits or as a big finishing number is not yet known.