‘The Lion King’ 2019: When is the Live-Action Movie Release Date?

The Lion King is just one of many classic animated Disney films getting a remake in the next few years. Unfortunately, it’s such a beloved movie that it has a good chance of slightly overshadowing the movies releasing only months before it (even if you go see them regardless).

Whether you’re excited or annoyed or completely indifferent about the upcoming remake, it’s coming — and much sooner than you think. Here’s when the film will release in theaters and a few of the voices you can expect to hear bringing life to your favorite characters.

Will the new Lion King be different from the original?

The film’s first teaser trailer opens with a monologue similar to some of Mufasa’s lines in the original film. Many of the visuals look like almost identical replicas of the original animation — such as the classic scene in which Rafiki introduces a newborn Simba to the kingdom by lifting him in the air.

This does, unfortunately, mean that we’re more than likely to (spoilers?) find ourselves sitting in a movie theater watching Mufasa die in high definition, but whatever. Crying is good for the soul.

At least one new character has been announced. And judging by recent classic Disney remakes, there’s bound to be some differences in small details throughout the plot. It’s most likely going to stick as close to the original as it can while still standing as its own separate work of art.

The Lion King release date: When you can expect to see it in theaters

Summer is the most crucial time of year for films. Studios do their best to release their biggest expected hits of the year between the months of May and August. Disney will continue this trend with their most-anticipated film of the year (unless you count Star Wars, which is technically under the Disney umbrella).

The new movie hits theaters on July 19, 2019.

This is not a completely random date, it turns out. The original movie came out on June 15, 1994. The release of the remake falls close to the 25th anniversary of the first animated film’s theatrical release.

If you’re totally on board the classic Disney movie remake train, prepare to spend more than you usually do at the movies next year. The Lion King is the final remake coming out next year, following releases of both Dumbo (March 29) and Aladdin (May 24) earlier in 2019.

The Lion King 2019 cast:

The Lion King 2019

The Lion King 2019 | Disney

You can expect to see mostly new faces — okay, hear mostly new voices — in The Lion King remake. But it’s likely you will recognize at least a few big names lending their talents to the characters you’ve never stopped loving.

John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) will voice Zazu, the king’s political advisor.

Seth Rogen (The SimpsonsAmerican Dad!) has been cast as Pumbaa the warthog.

Beyoncé will voice Nala, Simba’s love interest throughout the film.

Donald Glover will lend his many talents to the film’s protagonist, Simba, the future king of Pride Rock.

James Earl Jones, the original voice of Simba’s father Mufasa, is the only returning cast member from the 1994 2D-animated film. He will reprise his role as Mufasa, and his voice is also the only one heard in the teaser trailer Disney released on Thanksgiving 2018.