‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Is Causing Controversy on Her Instagram After a Discussion About Vaccines

There are plenty of unique families featured on TLC, but there’s no doubt fans adore The Little Couple. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are back on television after a hiatus, and viewers are loving seeing what they’re up to now. From taking care of their two adopted children to dealing with illness, the family has dealt with a lot over the years — but they’ve come out strong and are sharing the daily ins and outs of their lives on the show and on social media.

Jen Arnold isn’t just famous for her small stature on the show, either. She’s also a doctor and takes great pride in her work. Recently, she discussed vaccines while on a morning show. And while many praised her for speaking out, others are wary of her advice. Here’s what’s going on.

Jen Arnold is a neonatologist

Bill Klein and Dr. Jen Arnold
Bill Klein and Dr. Jen Arnold | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Arnold has a rare type of dwarfism that affects her health, and fans have seen her go through yet another hip replacement surgery more recently as a result. But aside from her life as a little person, Arnold is also well-known for her abilities as a neonatologist, or the medical care of newborn babies. Johns Hopkins Medicine explains Arnold is nationally known as a “pediatric expert in educational medical simulation.” And she joined Johns Hopkins as a part-time assistant professor back in 2017.

Her trajectory toward working with Johns Hopkins came after working as a medical director of simulation at Texas Children’s Hospital for nine years, too. And Arnold couldn’t be happier to work with helping kids get healthy. “The opportunity at Johns Hopkins All Children’s is a perfect fit personally for me, my husband and two kids and professionally with the growing education and research resources at the hospital,” she said.

She recently gave a discussion on why vaccines are important for kids

Since Arnold is undoubtedly passionate about kids, she wants to help spread awareness on various issues that can severely affect children. And one of these issues is vaccines. Back in April, she visited ABC’s Morning Blend in Tampa, Florida, to talk about the importance of vaccinating kids.

“Vaccines save lives, vaccines are safe, and vaccines are effective,” Arnold said on the show. “And there really should be no controversy about it. … A lot of parents hear the myths and they’re afraid, and so we want to help them to have the right information.” Arnold then went on to explain that it’s not just infants who should be getting vaccines, but everyone should be up to date to avoid any life-threatening illnesses that could otherwise be avoided. Not only that, but Arnold mentioned doctors are seeing a resurgence in measles, so it’s more important than ever to get everyone on the same page about how helpful immunization really is.

Some of her followers are taking issue with her stance

Arnold posted a photo of her interview with Morning Blend on her Instagram recently. “I love to combine medicine and media- great way to raise awareness for important healthcare topics!” she captioned her post. Since vaccine talk is so controversial, however, her followers had varying opinions about the post.

“Vaccines are safe and effective? So why have there been no double blind safety studies done? Why is there a vaccine injury compensation fund that has paid out $4 billion dollars to vaccine injured people?” one follower questioned. “If they are so safe and effective why are the kids of this generation the most heavily vaccinated yet the sickest kids of any previous generation?” Yet another added, “I think the Arnold family is great but Jen is wrong about the safety of vaccines. When researching you don’t need just anecdotal evidence. Read the warnings on the vaccine inserts themselves and the info on lack of testing.”

Others, however, are in support of Arnold. “Thank you so much for the discussion about, and support of vaccination,” another fan added. And many others thanked her for spreading her knowledge and awareness.

We’re hoping Arnold keeps providing her knowledge to the public since she’s on TV, as she could be saving lives.

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