The ‘Little People, Big World’ Trailer Just Hinted at Another Roloff Engagement

We’ve been watching Little People, Big World for years, and the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The premiere of the new season is set for April 2, and thanks to the trailer, fans finally get an idea of what they can expect from the beloved Roloff family. We know the Roloffs have been through a lot over the years, especially with Matt and Amy divorcing — but both of the leading stars have since found loving and happy relationships of their own. Now, fans are wondering if marriage could be in the works for either of them.

From the looks of the trailer, it seems like there’s been talk of engagement for one of the stars. Who’s seemingly discussing marriage? Find out here.

Both Matt and Amy seem incredibly happy in their relationships from the looks of the trailer

It’s no secret that Matt and Amy have both been in serious, dedicated relationships for a few years now. Matt met his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, over a decade ago when she first began working on Roloff Farms — and their romance began soon after Matt divorced Amy. While Matt dating a farm employee was tough for Amy to deal with, she’s been able to get through it with the help of her loving boyfriend, Chris Marek, whom she seemingly first met at a single’s mixer event.

From the very start of the trailer, we see both Caryn and Matt as well as Chris and Amy enjoying time together as couples. “This year, out of any of the other years, everything for me has changed,” Amy tells the camera while footage shows her having a blast with her friends. She then goes on to say, “Chris makes me see life in a whole different way.” As for Matt, he also seems excited to pursue a new life with Caryn. “Caryn and I are really creating our own path and I can’t let that farm hold us back,” he tells the camera.

Matt’s girlfriend hinted toward the idea of marriage

Amy’s relationship with Chris seems further along to many LPBW fans, but it seems Caryn is the one who’s mentioned the idea of marriage in the trailer. She and Matt can be seen talking about leaving the farm behind and starting a life anew, and the two seem very excited about the prospect of changing life as they know it. Even more exciting, Caryn is seen smiling to the camera and saying, “The idea of having a husband … kind of interesting again.”

This isn’t the first time Caryn’s mentioned the idea of remarriage, either. The Hollywood Gossip reminds us at the end of 2018, Caryn posted a photo of her and Matt to Instagram that sparked engagement rumors. When one fan asked, “Marriage?” Caryn answered, “Not yet.” The “yet” in her answer had everyone hoping she and Matt were at least considering tying the knot in the future — and now that it’s nearly six months later, we’re all waiting to see what they decide.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Amy gets engaged, too

There may not have been too many hints that Amy’s ready for marriage in the LPBW trailer, but fans have long held their suspicions that she’s waiting for Chris to pop the question. And it seems fans already suspected she was engaged as early as August 2018 when she appeared in an Instagram photo with a suspiciously sparkling ring. After that incident, fans again thought she was engaged after she posted this photo to Instagram of her and Chris posing in front of the famous Roloff Farms altar. This altar has been featured in all of the Roloff family weddings we’ve seen on the show, so it really had fans hoping this was a clue to future nuptials.

In the trailer for the upcoming season, it did look like Amy was having way more fun than we’ve seen her having in recent years, however, so we’re hoping to hear plenty of great news regarding her relationship with Chris. We’ll have to wait and see what the Roloffs have in store.

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