The ‘Lucifer’ Cast Dished These 5 Juicy Spoilers for the Musical Episode

The thought of a singing, dancing Devil has Lucifer fans giddy with anticipation. And the upcoming musical episode of the show continues to build plenty of excitement among the audience. With that in mind, a few of the cast members sat down with Entertainment Tonight to chat about the production. Here are five juicy details they dished about the plot. [Spoiler Warning: The following article contains details about Lucifer Season 5.]

‘Lucifer’ | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

1. Lucifer will address his daddy issues during the musical

The first half of Lucifer Season 5 answered the prayers of viewers with an appearance by Dennis Haysbert as the Big Guy in the sky. Although God’s on-screen time was brief, his presence set up the story arc for part 2 of the season.

About the father-son dynamic between Lucifer and the Creator, Tom Ellis told ET, “They have huge issues, huge unresolved issues. Well, Lucifer certainly does with Dad, and Dad seems to be pretending that nothing’s ever been wrong and whatever, which of course, winds Lucifer up. And he spends most of his time wanting his dad just to keep away from him. And then he has a sort of revelatory moment in this episode where he’s like maybe for the sake of other things in my life I should try getting along with my dad.”

2. Fans can expect some dynamic duets in the episode

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Ellis would not confirm or deny a song collaboration between God and the Devil. But, Ellis’ co-star, Aimee Garcia, who plays Ella, spilled the beans to ET about that divine duet, among others.

“Tom, I think, does his best singing he’s ever done,” began Garcia. “He was so nervous about it, and he crushes it. He has a duet, you know, with Dennis. I have like a sing-off kinda battle with Maze. And, it’s just each song is so different. You know, D.B. [Woodside’s], Linda and Amenadiel’s song is very whimsical, almost like Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in the park.”

3. The cast will recreate popular hits from bands including Queen

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Ellis recently tweeted a sneak peek of the cast performing “Another One Bites the Dust,” by Queen. But that’s not the only mainstream hit the actor says we can expect to enjoy. “It’s nice because there are lots of fun numbers in it,” Ellis told ET. “But there’s also a couple of really heartfelt numbers that are like proper tearjerkers.”

4. The music will spark deep emotion from the ‘Lucifer’ characters

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Speaking of “heartfelt numbers,” Ellis and Garcia promised ET some emotional drama, which will be conveyed through the stars’ performances. Ellis mused, “In the state that our characters are in, you know when the song comes up, and then [you know] what the words of the song mean to that character.” Ellis continued, “It taps into parts of Lucifer that maybe just the spoken word doesn’t.”

Garcia seemed to agree with Ellis, saying, “What’s so great about this episode is that every musical number shows someone’s really vulnerable side.” She explained, “It’s funny because you think musical episode, and you think light and playful. But at the table read, we’re in it. We’re behind the curtain. And at the table read, we stopped, and then it was silent when we ended. And it was really emotional.”

5. There’s a perfect reason why the ‘Lucifer’ characters burst into song and dance

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As a crime drama with a supernatural spin, Lucifer has incorporated music sparingly but has never produced a musical episode until now. And based on what Ellis and Garcia told ET, there is a plot-driven reason for the song and dance routines.

“We always wanted to find a way to do it where it wasn’t just, ‘Oh, we’re doing a musical episode.’ There needed to be a reason for the music and the dancing to happen,” said Ellis.

To the delight of fans, Garcia dished a major plot detail about what — or who — spurs the musical performances.  “It’s because God’s going a little schizo,” remarked Garcia. “He’s playing puppet-master, and he’s getting old, so stuff’s getting a little janky.” Fans can check out just how “janky” things get in Lucifer Season 5B, coming soon to Netflix.

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