‘The Magicians’: Season 5 Teaser Released and Everyone is Sad

Season four of The Magicians had the gang facing yet another peril in the form of the psychopathic monster inhabiting Eliot’s body. After dealing with the fairy invasion in Fillory, rogue Alice, war, and the rationing of magic from past seasons through the finale in April, it seems like none of them could catch a break. And then there was that gut-wrenching death that left viewers confused and filled with tears. How?

You remember that moment. Yes, it was months ago when Syfy aired the finale that left us heartbroken over Quentin Coldwater, but you remember it. What now?

‘THE MAGICIANS’ Pictured: Jason Ralph as Quentin Coldwater | Getty Images/Eike Schroter/SYFY/NBCU Photo Bank

A quick recap on the ending of that season four episode

If nothing else, you’ll never listen to “Take On Me” the same way again thanks to the show. After doing a ritual to honor Quentin, the events that happened after his death at end of season four are shown. With Everett gone, Zelda is ready to hand over the reigns to someone new, with that someone being Alice. That puts the Library under Alice’s watch.

Julia’s magic came back and it’s obviously connected to the sense of loss she felt over her dear friend. She was once a powerful witch before becoming a goddess, so this opens up a wealth of opportunity.

One of the finale’s twists—and fans shouldn’t really be shocked—was that Fillory had changed and time jumped 300 years into the future. Eliot and Margo learned that Fen and Josh had been overthrown and there’s a dark king in charge. There was also mention of “the gods,” so fans are curious if any of them will play a role in season five.

Finally, classes at Brakebills were back in session, and magic was no longer being rationed out by the Library. Happy days, right?

Season five teaser trailer is out

Things are not quite happy. Still reeling, still mourning, and still angry about Quentin’s death, his friends are coping in their own ways. His sacrifice is something that will stay with them a long time, but how exactly are they dealing? Check out new teaser below from SYFY.

Alice’s mother tells her they need to do something together since they’re grieving. Julia seems to be preparing for the new, Margo is ready to fight and reclaim their royal lands, Penny is exhausted from saving the world, and everyone else is figuring things out.

What to expect in season five

What is known for the upcoming season is that Jason Ralph has exited the series, so don’t expect to see any special cameos from Quentin. Do expect lots of grief. SYFY Wire points out that during the TCA panel this past summer, showrunner Joe McNamara said the crew is grieving in a real, non-TV way.

The show will still keep its sense of humor, potty-mouthed quips, trysts, and urgent magical quests, and there are new cast members joining the mix. American Gods actress Yetide Badaki and Once Upon a Time’s Sean Maguire have signed on as series regulars.

Season five of The Magicians will return to SYFY in January 2020.