‘The Magicians’: Why Fillory Doesn’t Really Need to be Saved From an Apocalypse

There are only three episodes left of The Magicians and our favorite Syfy sorcerers are stilling trying to figure out how to thwart the Dark King, stem the surplus of magic, and stop the apocalypse in Fillory.

Three hours are all they’ve got in TV land, and so far, Julia’s pregnant, Penny and Plum are stuck together with wonky psychic abilities, and mayhem has taken over Fillory.

With some help from the moon herself, the crew successfully stopped Earth from being destroyed, but that set off another chain of events. The magical world of Fillory is now in jeopardy, and the magicians are attempting to save it. But should they?

'The Magicians'
‘The Magicians’ season 5 | Eric Milner/SYFY/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Time is out of whack, Fillory is overrun with Takers and weirdness

Examine the state of the otherworldly land. The Dark King is scheming on everyone so he can resurrect his dead lover, Takers are trapping people in limbo and throwing off the balance between the living and the Underworld, and time moved forward 300 years.

Fans love the show, but Fillory itself needs a makeover, a re-do, an overhaul. Why not just relocate the surviving races – human, fairy, animal, and whatever else – to another dimension or planet and start from scratch?

Let Fillory and its connection to the Dark King go down; let the apocalypse happen.

It was written that Fillory must die

The end of Fillory was written in the novels penned by Lev Grossman, signaling a fate that was always in the cards. In The Magician’s Land, the final book in the trilogy, Fillory went through an apocalypse where there was a huge battle and Fillory itself starts to die.

Two things happen: Quentin saves Fillory by using a magical seed to reset its birth (with some Umber/Ember divine magical essence) and separately, he creates another world.

‘The Magicians’ series is ending and Fillory’s death would work for the series

On April 1, the TV series will come to a close. Though the show has taken creative liberties when it comes to the books, it seems like it’s headed toward the Fillory death/new world birth path.

This season, magical plants were introduced and we’re sure it’s just a matter of time until the characters master a spell to create or restore an entire new world.

More than that, the series’ showrunners hinted this season will feature parts from The Magician’s Land. Henry Alonso Myers told Entertainment Weekly:

“I think those people who love The Magician’s Land, which might be our favorite book in the series among the three of us, are really gonna be satisfied with it because it touches on a lot of stuff from The Magician’s Land.”

It sounds like fans will get a finale that syncs up with the books in some way. Based on the magical plants in the plot, a preview with Ember in an upcoming episode, and the unrest in Fillory, viewers shouldn’t be surprised if the apocalypse – or a magician – causes the fall and the land is born anew.