The Major Way Kate Middleton Broke Away From Royal Tradition After The Birth of Prince George

Kate Middleton might be one of the most recognizable and influential women in the world right now. Not only is she married to the man who will one day inherit the throne, but she is also in good favor with Queen Elizabeth.

From the day the public first realized she was going to be a royal, she has kept the people wanting more. One of the ways she keeps the people’s interest is through her actions. Instead of always explaining what she thinks, or what she wants, she just makes it happen.

Before she fell in love with her prince and became a Duchess, she was hardworking and driven. She has also been praised for her traditional values. Middleton, like the queen, prefers to do things according to royal rules and class, so when she does break the rules, people take notice. Here are the major ways Kate Middleton broke away from royal tradition after the birth of Prince George.

Meghan Markle isn’t the only rule breaker in the family

Kate Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

For over a year now, most of the royal news coverage has been focusing on Meghan Markle. She did just have her first baby, and she holds a lot of interest all over the world.

Another big way she keeps media attention is for her rule breaking. Markle has done things her own way, even before she tied the knot. The biggest royal traditions she has broken away from involves her pregnancy, childbirth, and privacy for baby Archie.

This might be getting her a lot of good and bad media coverage, but the truth is she is not the only Duchess that broke away from royal tradition after the birth of a child. Kate Middleton does things very differently than the royal women before her as well.

Kate Middleton broke away from royal tradition after the birth of Prince George

When Kate Middleton first became pregnant, she got a lot of slack from the British press. During her pregnancy, she had terrible morning (all day) sickness. It was bad enough that she was not able to fulfill her royal duties. The public and the media treated her much the same way as Meghan Markle is now being treated.

The biggest complaint was that she seemed to be breaking away from royal tradition. Although the Duchess of Cambridge has worked hard to maintain the culture and keep the Royal Monarch running smoothly, there have been times she has purposely gone her own way.

According to Parade, after the birth of Prince George, she decided that they would stay at her family’s house. Traditionally, she would have been expected to remain in the castle, and use a nanny for help. She opted instead to be with her parents.

And, the fact that she did not have a nanny for a long time after the birth was also seen as untraditional. Not only did she wait to find help, but she also returned back to her duties after only four weeks of maternity leave. Now that she is a mother of three, she does have full-time help, but she still likes to be hands-on.

Kate Middleton is a hands-on parent

When she was at University, she studied art history. Now, as a mommy, she gets lost in arts and crafts with her children. Their favorite craft to get into is paper mache. It might be messy, but she digs right in with her kids.

She also likes to play outside and explore with them. The Cambridge’s often share family photos of their outings together in the woods on social media.

When the family is not working on the next great masterpiece or exploring the world, they like to cook together. All these activities might seem normal to commoners, but it’s definitely a tradition she is instilling. Throughout history, royal women were expected to use help for most household and child-rearing tasks.