‘The Mandalorian’: Fans Are Begging For This Original Trilogy Character Cameo In Season 2

News is out that some characters from the original Star Wars trilogy will make cameos during the second season of The Mandalorian in Fall 2020. What this means is anyone’s guess, including if it’s possible to have some of the human stars show up in some form.

How that works without “de-aging” them will be interesting to see. With Jon Favreau at the helm of this instant classic, anything is possible thanks to his penchant for keeping some major pop culture secrets.

The best guesses for the cameos will likely be Boba Fett and droids so no one has to be de-aged. However, one iconic character showing up in The Rise of Skywalker has some interesting backstory not yet told. Fans are hoping to see him in The Mandalorian next year, but how would it work?

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni speak onstage
DAVE FILONI, JON FAVREAU | The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA via Getty Images

Fans want to see a few human characters show up

It’s not all aliens or droids that fans want to see have cameos in The Mandalorian next year. One of those is Lando Calrissian himself who showed up in an effective way during The Rise of Skywalker. If one can chortle about Lando hitting on a young woman at the end of the film, it’s not all about girl-chasing with this character. Seeing him piloting Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon again during the final battle sequences was a true blast.

Even if one can carp over the logic of being able to overcome that massive final battle, the backstory of Lando is still more than intriguing. During the time of The Mandalorian, Lando will still be relatively young, maybe around mid- to late 30s.

Based on the age of Billy Dee Williams (who’s an incredible 82 now), that age would sort of line up with the “five years after Return of the Jedi” scenario. The biggest question would be if the recent de-aging CGI gimmick would be used to show Lando as he looked in an earlier era.

Or, is that a major risk when the de-aging technique used recently in The Irishman didn’t really look as good as some had hoped?

It could work if just a cameo

Billy Dee Williams himself could perhaps play the role again using the de-aging technique. Outside of looking better than most 82-year-old guys, he couldn’t naturally pass for a Lando in his late 30s. Perhaps by the time such a thing happens, de-aging technology would be slightly improved.

From all indications, the tech arguably works better in short appearances rather than extended sequences. What most people wouldn’t want to see is a completely digital Lando since it’s already proven they look fake, especially when seen in 4K.

Anyone who remembers the digitally concocted Princess Leia in Rogue One will know it just doesn’t look natural.

Should this happen, there may be a chance for other human characters to show up as Screen Rant notes above. Names like Wedge Antilles or Lor San Tekka would bring the intrigue and a bit of a throwback.

Not that many don’t also want to see Chewbacca and especially Boba Fett return. Latter is more than a certainty after showing what appeared to be him in a recent episode.

The smart move is to always connect to the original characters

Jon Favreau likely has a lot more surprises in store than viewers even expect for Season 2. The more cameos they can include from the original trilogy, the better, because this is what keeps the biggest contingent of Star Wars fans happy. It’s no secret at least 75% of fans are from the old school and who grew up with the original films.

These emotional connections of fans seeing the original trilogy with their families means there’s a permanent emotional tie to the Skywalker Saga. No matter how much Lucasfilm may try to end that time period, fans will always turn to it for nostalgia.

Wisely, Disney realized this and allowed Jon Favreau to fulfill his own emotional connections as an advocate for every older fan. Because he’s the ultimate fan himself, it’s more than possible everyone will find out the galaxy far, far away is a lot smaller than it ever let on in characters bumping into one another.