‘The Mandalorian’: Fans Successfully Predicted a Major Secret About ‘The Asset’

The Mandalorian, the new Star Wars series on Disney+,  has been one of the most highly-anticipated series of the year.

The cast, crew, and production team managed to keep an incredible secret, which led to a shocking twist at the end of Chapter 1.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Chapter 1 of The Mandalorian.

The ending of Chapter 1 revealed the identity of the mysterious ‘asset’

Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau onstage
Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

The lead Mandalorian, played by Game of Thrones Pedro Pascal, is a seasoned bounty hunter. Chapter 1 begins by demonstrating the bounty hunter’s dedication to the trade when he is indifferent towards the plight of an asset. He doesn’t respond to the unfortunate man’s pleas for negotiation; he merely freezes the man in carbonite, hands him over,  and retrieves his bounty.  

The Mandalorian’s next bounty hunting mission is promised to be a much more challenging mission, and the reward is much higher.

As the Mandalorian hones in on the location of ‘the asset,’ he is challenged by numerous aliens and droids who are hiding ‘the asset.’ There is another bounty hunter on the scene, a droid. The two bounty hunters work together to conquer the guards and retrieve the asset.

As they approach “the asset,” the Mandalorian discovers the shocking revelation that the asset is a child.

The two bounty hunters have an altercation regarding whether the asse’ should be dead or alive. The surprise ending reveals that the asset is the same species as Yoda.

The force-sensitive ‘asset’

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The mysterious character dubbed “Baby Yoda” by adoring fans is assumed to be force-sensitive. We have not only seen it use its powers to save The Mandalorian’s life, but it is also the same species as one of the most powerful Jedi Masters in history.

Yoda lived to be 900 years old. Although ‘the asset’ is described as being 50 years old, it is indeed a youngling considering the lifespan of the species. ‘The asset’ is the same species as force-sensitive Jedi Master Yoda. Yoda’s history is shrouded in mystery, even the name of his species is unknown.

Up until now, there have only been two characters of the particular species: Yaddle and Yoda. Yaddle was a female character in the prequel movies. Yaddle served on the Jedi High Council alongside Jedi Master Yoda.

There is not much known about the species. However, Yoda and Yaddle were both skilled masters of the force. It seems to be a trait of the species. It is very likely that “baby Yoda” will be highly skilled in the Force.

Why is the bounty worth so much?

The Mandalorian agrees to retrieve the mysterious 50-year-old asset in exchange for a hefty reward. The Mandalorian takes place on the outskirts of the galaxy after the fall of the empire.

The man who is requesting the retrieval of ‘the asset,’ played by Werner Herzog, is surrounded by stormtroopers, which likely means that he is a part of the Galactic Empire. The presumed force-sensitive nature of ‘the asset’ may be perceived as a threat to the Galactic Empire, which is likely why Herzog’s character is willing to pay such a high price for the asset.

Why it’s a big deal for ‘Star Wars’ fans

A character of the same species as Yoda is a big deal for Star Wars fans. Given the force-sensitive nature of the species, “the asset” has a great deal of potential for influencing the outcome of the story.

The motive behind retrieving “the asset,” the use of the force, the name of the mysterious species, and the possibility for the power to be exploited are all possible areas to be explored in upcoming chapters of The Mandalorian.