‘The Mandalorian’: Has ‘The Volunteer’ Already Appeared in Season 2?

Actor Temuera Morrison was for months rumored to be reprising his role as Boba Fett for the second installment of The Mandalorian. In the new season’s premiere on October 30, fans got their big wish to see Morrison play Boba Fett.

The popular bounty hunter has been missing-in-action since the release of the 1983 Return of the Jedi. Fans, however, speculated that he might have survived the tragic fall into the Sarlacc pit. For a long time, the Star Wars franchise was at a loss on how to bring back the fan-favorite character. Disney’s takeover of the franchise has given the character a new slate.

Although Fett has returned to The Mandalorian, some fan theories suggest that he might have returned as the Volunteer. Read on to find out why fans are convinced that Fett might be the Volunteer.

Who is Boba Fett?

Temuera Morrison
Temuera Morrison | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Boba Fett is a bounty hunter who is known for his armor and speaking less unless spoken to. Boba never removes his helmet but is revealed to have dark hair. Boba made his first appearance in the Star Wars universe in 1978 in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

The armor-wearing bounty hunter supposedly met his death after falling into a Sarlacc pit. In the 2002 film, it was revealed that he originated from the cloning of Jango Fett. He also became Jango’s adoptive son and accompanied him in all the missions. Boba witnesses Jango’s demise at the hands of Jedi Master Macé Windu.

When George Lucas was creating the character of Boba, he borrowed inspiration from Darth Vader. Vader was initially thought up as a rogue bounty hunter but eventually evolved to a dark knight. The concept of a bounty hunter remained open enough for Boba to be included.

Despite having limited screen time, Boba has managed to become a fan-favorite among Star Wars fans. His death and possible survival were highly theorized by the show’s fans. Showrunner Lucas even stated that he had known how popular Fett was going to be, he would have made Fett’s death more interesting.

Who is Snoke?

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When Snoke appears in The Force Awakens, he is introduced as the Supreme Leader of the First Order. He is also the master of Kylo Ren, whom he seduces to the dark side. Unbeknown to Snoke, Kylo is actually a masked Ben Solo.

Snoke realizes that there is an awakening of ‘the force’ and tells Ren that his true test will come when he faces his father. Snoke asks his apprentice to bring Ren after she hides the location of the map. Rey defeats Ren in a lightsaber duel, and Snoke orders Ren to be brought to him for further training.

Snoke dies at the hands of his apprentice after he orders Ren to kill Rey. Ren strikes him with a lightsaber killing him on the spot, then takes over command as the new Supreme Leader blaming his master’s death on Rey.

Fans think Boba is the Volunteer in ‘The Mandalorian’

The Mandalorian season 2 premiered on October 30, with plenty of Easter eggs. For starters, Boba returned, and fans couldn’t be more excited. The fan-favorite bounty hunter’s return could explain how he survived his supposed death from the Sarlacc pit.

According to Star Wars fans on Reddit, Snoke could also possibly be the Volunteer. One fan noted the similarity of the theme song likening it to the one usually used on Snoke. In episode 4 of the new season, it is revealed that Moff Gideon and other scientists are carrying out a “dark science cloning. A secret only the Siths know about.”

Several fan theories suggest that Gideon might be making soldiers to take control of the Dark Trooper army. Others suggest that he might be trying to clone Snoke and bring him back to life.